Chit Chat with Hyesoo Lee

Hyesoo Lee, also known as Soo, is a Korean beauty content creator who’s currently enjoying life in Seoul after residing in Romania, Sweden and Spain. Soo spends much of her time working for her YouTube family of channels, where she reviews K-beauty skin care products as well as creates lifestyle content. Soo’s YouTube content is available in both Korean and English, but being multilingual, she recently started a Spanish channel too.

Possessing a strong passion for skin care, Soo believes in doing what’s necessary to de-stress because not only does it improve your mental health, it also helps your skin. Drawing from her experience dealing with acne, Soo shares information and tips about taking care of your skin and body from the inside out.

Read on to get to know Soo!

You’ve resided in Hungary, Romania, Sweden, Spain and now Korea. What have you learned from living in so many different places?

Being exposed to so many different cultures growing up, I’ve definitely learned how to be more open to new things and different kinds of people. I find myself being less prejudiced and less quick to make judgments when I meet new people, which is a trait that I value a lot about myself. It’s also made my perspective on change into a positive one. I think it’s constantly leading me to question my current situation and how I would like to improve or change it. As a result, I don’t like the idea of being complacent; I always strive to make things different in a good way.

How do you take care of your skin while transitioning from a colder to warmer season?

I always make sure to layer good hydrating toners and serums. They have to be light but hydrating!

Aside from skin care products, do you have any health or diet tips for better skin?

Make sure to de-stress! I think if you’re good on the inside, that’s just going to naturally shine through your skin. Stress itself is not a negative thing, but our reaction to stress can cause detrimental effects on our precious bodies. One of the things I didn’t know was how to manage my stress, but exercising hard and sweating it out has definitely become my biggest outlet for releasing all the knots in my head. I feel like this has helped tremendously not only with my mental health but also my skin’s health.

Do you remember how you got into beauty? What or who inspired you to start creating beauty content?

I got into beauty by watching OG queen Michelle Phan, and also my all-time favorite Kathleen Lights. I had so much fun watching two different queens on YouTube that I just naturally thought I could do it myself.

What are your current favorite K-beauty brands?

Ooh…I have so many so this is a bit tricky! Aside from the classics such as Innisfree, Etude House, Nature Republic and COSRX – which are my go-to brands – I have started to love discovering great products from lesser known (but still great) brands such as Wellage, Thank You Farmer and BellaMonster.

Images: @_soobeauty

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