Chapter 18: A Skin Care Routine for Your Eyes

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When it comes to our daily skin care routine, we may sometimes overlook an important area: the eyes. You can pile on so much under eye concealer, mascara or eye shadow to brighten up your eyes but this is just a short-term fix. Since the skin around our eyes is extremely thin and delicate, it’ll be one of the first areas to show signs of premature aging. So it’s important to give your eyes some extra TLC.

Follow these simple steps to slow down signs of aging, dark circles or puffiness:

Step 1: Use a gentle eye makeup remover

You can normally get away with using an ordinary makeup remover for your eyes. However, if you apply a lot of heavy eye makeup daily, it’s better to use a makeup remover that’s specifically made for the eyes, which should be gentler and won’t sting your peepers.

The key to using an eye makeup remover is to place the cotton pad on your lids for a few seconds and then gently wipe it across. Avoid rubbing harshly as this causes the skin to stretch, leading to wrinkles.

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Step 2: Treat your eyes to a weekly mask


Just like the rest of your face, your eyes also deserve a weekly masking session. Hydrogel masks are great for soothing the skin around your eyes and providing a boost of moisture. Suffering from sleepless nights? These masks are your answer to treating dark circles or tired eyes.

Add PETITFEE’s Agave Cooling Hydrogel Eye Mask to your eye skin care routine and you’ll soon notice your eye area looking more hydrated and energized. This eye mask is infused with agave, blueberry, eggplant, caffeine, spirulina and several kinds of seaweed extracts to boost the moisture level of your skin.

One thing to watch out for when applying eye masks is to not leave them on longer than you’re required to. The main goal of eye masks is to hydrate the skin around your eyes. Letting the mask set until the hydrogel is completely dry will actually take moisture away, leaving you with dehydrated skin instead! If you usually forget to set a timer, I recommend going for a mask like LANEIGE’s Eye Sleeping Mask – it works its magic overnight and you can wash it off the next day. It contains caffeine, Vitamin P and enzyme extracts that help increase blood circulation under the eye area while you sleep, so you can say buh-bye to puffiness the next morning!

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Step 3: Supercharge the skin under your eyes with a serum

Before getting an eye cream, consider investing in an eye serum. Eye serums contain more concentrated and potent ingredients so you can pick one that targets your specific eye concerns, whether it’s dark circles, fine lines, crow’s feet, puffiness or eye bags. Eye serums are also thinner in consistency so your skin absorbs them faster than an eye cream. For rushed mornings, opt for an eye serum in place of a cream as they’re light enough to go beneath your makeup.

Innisfree’s easy-to-use Jeju Lava Seawater Eye Serum is designed with a flat metal nozzle, which acts as a gentle massage tool that soothes bloated eyes. Aim to use it twice a day for better results and follow with eye cream to help lock in moisture in the evenings.

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Step 4: Get your daily dose of eye cream

For the last part of your eye skin care routine, seal in all the goodness with some eye cream. Unlike eye serums, eye creams are thicker in consistency so you only need a pea-sized amount.

There’s a proper technique when it comes to applying eye cream. Begin by applying it in small dots along the orbital bone, starting from the inner corner of your eye and making your way to your brow bone, using your ring finger since it has the lightest pressure. Then pat the cream or smooth it out until it’s fully absorbed. Remember to be gentle!

Be careful not to apply the cream directly on your lids or too close to your eyes as the product may get into your eyes and cause irritation.

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Don’t forget to follow with sunscreen during the day because even your eyes need protection against harmful UV rays. To further protect your eyes, keep a pair of sunglasses ready if you plan on regularly staying out this summer!

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