The Zodiac Signs As Lip Products (Part One)

Signs & Attires

Taurus “Tried and trusted feel-good velvet lippie”

Sensuous Taureans are into comforting textures and therapeutic scents, a vibe that Keep in Touch‘s Mood MLBB Velvet Tint emanates thoroughly with its soothing #M04 Sweet Honey shade. The indulgent sides of the Taurean are balanced by this earth sign’s dependability and trustworthiness – not far from the Moisturizing Lipstick by e.l.f. Cosmetics, a lipstick you know you can rely on thanks to its failsafe moisturizing formula and range of classic yet expressive hues.

Being huge foodies, these bulls can also be associated with  the vibrant and delightful EGLIPS’ Velvet Fit Tint Cream Cheese Series or  peripera’s  Ink Airy Velvet Stick that comes in a weightlessly velvety finish followed by delicious-sounding names!


Gemini “A pen-shaped lip tint”

Starting with what they wear, social butterflies like Geminis rarely ever lack topics to share. These trend-savvy individuals are guaranteed to don the most current colors, such as this year’s Pantone Color of The Year,  with their own twist – like A’PIEU’s  Dot Pen Tint (#CR01 My Little Coral). Geminis are often the center of attention, like the bold Marker Pen Tint from A’PIEU. Its fluid application comes in a vibrant hue that nonchalantly reminds of Gemini’s colorful presence.

The twins are utter #babes from inside out, which can be illustrated with YURICA’s Lip Tint Pen in #01 Babe Pink  to showcase their sassy personalities and eternal girliness. Meanwhile the twin’s duality is perfectly captured in eSpoir’s Tint Marker & Lip Balm Duo, a twin-tipped product that delivers with two ways of application to create a dynamic look that suits the fun-loving Gemini.


Cancer “Lovely and fluffy mousse tint”

Cancerians are the kind to cry in the middle of a romantic tragedy, or become extremely involved with plot twists in a film because they empathize with every single character. Because of their sensitive and emotional natures, Cancerians exude an air of unwavering fluffiness that stays in place even when blended, like with the Juicy-Pang Mousse Tint by A’PIEU or VDL’s Rouge Supreme Fluid Mousse.

Despite their homebound tendencies, Cancerians are warm and caring people who can also be a ton of fun, making the A.m.oK Lovefit Whipped Lips a befitting product to reflect their warm personalities. Their extroversion can be brought out when they’re in the right setting with encouraging peers, and happily exposed to their guilty pleasures, like the buildable and eye-catching Super Fitting Lipquid from VOV.


Leo “Bright like a star metallic lip gloss”

Nothing says “Leo” like a bit of shimmer and glimmer! As a fixed sign, Leos are less impulsive and turbulent like fellow fire pals Aries and Sagittarius. But the lioness is both charismatic and glamorous just like the high-shine metallic lip finishes from L.A. Girl Cosmetics’s Metal Liquid Lipstick and Absolute’s Metallic Gloss Lippies.

Leos aren’t always spotlight chasing and attention-seeking; in fact, they can be very simple people who still gleam in their respective ways. Their dazzling personalities make others want to become familiar with them, just like this lightly colored, yet incredibly shimmery Lipstery #12 Vita from LAKA packaged in a minimalistic case, or e.l.f. Cosmetics’ Lip Plumping Gloss, which enhances one’s features with elevated depth and sheen.


Virgo “Stay-put lip pencil”

Lip liners are wonderful tools that add definition to lip makeup, while also preventing bleeding and feathering – doesn’t that sound just like a Virgo? Precise and detail-orientated Virgos will never allow even a smidge of their lip makeup to be imperfect, which sounds just like the ergonomically designed and preservative-free Ultimate Intense Stay Auto Lipliner from L.A. Girl Cosmetics. While a semi-matte  Blending Lip Pencil by G9SKIN allows seamless blending to create dimensional and perfectly colored lips, which represent Virgos’ efficiency.

Over the last decade, lip liners have been mocked as outdated, but surely what can be more distasteful than a wonky lip application? Virgos are also self-sufficient, much like Cathy cat’s Lip Liner Pencil , which comes equipped with a lip brush. While being a mutable sign, Virgos’ resourcefulness often surprises others. They have the ability to adapt to different situations quickly, like 3 CONCEPT EYES’ Studio Velvet Cream Lip & Pencil (Heart) – a versatile product packed with a pencil tip and a doe foot applicator that creates up to three different lip looks.


Libra “Balm me up, tinted lip balm”

Librans are gentle and amiable souls who are constantly striving for equilibrium in their everyday lives. Because of their ability to avoid conflict, Librans are like tinted lip balms – capable of compromising others‘ needs without deducting their own charming qualities, like Aritaum’s Ginger Sugar Tint Lip Balm, which boasts a subtle pink tint while also protecting lips from chapping. Similarly, the Tinted Lip Balm by Burt’s Bees made of botanical waxes offers up to 8 hours of moisture, giving lips a naturally enhanced color just like any Libran, who brings out the good nature in people.

An air sign that fixates on harmony and beauty, Librans implement this mindset when coordinating their appearance. Their signature clothing styles are refined, well balanced and sensible – just like LIRIKOS’ Marine Lip Glow Balm SPF15, a hydrating balm that leaves a natural MLBB color with added sun protection! Libran’s effortless chic can be shared with Mamonde’s Dual Tint Lip Balm, which creates an instant lip gradient and luster with its easy-to-control design.


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