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Kunpimook Bhuwakul, famously known as BamBam, is the lead dancer and rapper of the boy group GOT7. Since their 2014 debut, the idols have shown to be adept in various fields and proven to be talented actors, producers and songwriters. Like their fellow label mates Twice, GOT7 features multiple members from abroad, including from Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand and the US.

Idols wear the most eye-catching outfits on stage, and while some like to take a break from all the bling, others have the glitz and glamor filter into their personal style. The latter is the case with BamBam; he has cultivated his own style over the years and is now known for his “subtlety is overrated” looks. The fashionable idol has also ventured outside the entertainment world, as he launched his personal clothing line and walked the runway late last year.

GOT7'S BamBam

Embroidered Shirt, Skinny Jeans & Black Clutch

MRCYC - Short-Sleeve Embroidery Satin ShirtFree Shop - Skinny JeansETONWEAG - Croc Print Clutch

Bambam is a certified feline lover, and his cute cats Pudding, Latte, Cupcake and King make frequent appearances on his Instagram. That’s why it’s only apt to have an embroidered tiger shirt as the starting point of his outfit. The top’s satin sheen might be a bit too much for some but this is a staple piece in BamBam’s wardrobe, with him often donning busy printed shirts for casual looks.

The matching black skinny jeans cinch in the boxy silhouette of the black top. Skinny jeans are an integral item in his look, and the idol is often seen wearing ones that are so tight that they might as well be painted on him!

BamBam skillfully maneuvers between looking classy and maintaining his “extra” self by mixing in eye-catching textures with a monochrome palette. Bringing in the faux crocodile skin clutch adds a contrasting texture to the silk shirt, which adds an even more luxurious vibe.

White Watch & Chain Necklace

InShop Watches - Triangle Faux-Leather Strap Couple WatchBlack Degree - Stainless Steel Chain Necklace

Always seen with multiple accessories, BamBam has a liking for oversized watches and this white geometric design perfectly contrasts his black ensemble. Subtle from a distance, the watch has an eye-catching design with a minimal and modern flair.

BamBam’s style journey with accessories has ranged from vibrant bandanas to sleek black chokers and now his most recent go-to item: a chain necklace. This versatile necklace goes well with any look, but when paired with the sheen of his shirt, it accentuates the glitz and glam that the singer always oozes.

Feather Earrings & Rings

Prushia - Stainless Steel Feather & Chained Dangle EarringSTYLEMAN - Feather Metallic Open RingPANGU - Ear Cuff

Considered the fan service king in GOT7, BamBam loves giving their fans a lot of love. The boy’s fan club name “I GOT7” is shortened to AhGaSe, which also means baby bird in Korean. As a little nod to this, I’ve added embossed feather accessories to his lobes and finger. The hoop earrings are also embellished with a hanging chain to match his necklace. His outfit is incredibly symmetrical so for a slight asymmetric touch, I’ve added a single cuff earring on one ear.

Embroidered Patent Loafers & Vibrant Socks

MARTUCCI - Tiger Embroidered LoafersSaysmith - Couple Matching Printed Socks

Down to his shoes: I’ve gone for matching embroidered tiger loafers with the shiny patent sheen coming through for an extra flare. The embellishment of the black shoes are a luxurious touch but can be considered a low-key and casual choice by BamBam’s standards as he often wears heeled leather boots with metal accents.

I’ve toned it down for BamBam’s shoe choices, but since he’s so “extra,” I’ve added fun, vibrant printed socks that contrast the maturity of the whole look. He might’ve grown a little more mature (and taller than the group’s eldest member Mark) but he’s still the same fun-loving and vivacious lead rapper that debuted back in 2014!

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