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It was definitely love at first sight when I came across Korean makeup brand romand. The brand was founded by influencer, makeup artist and certified colorist Saerom Min, who also runs a beauty blog under the name Gaeko. For a trendy brand like romand that’s flooded with positive reviews and Instagrammable aesthetics, I was tempted to tackle the monochrome look alongside the Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral, for a very trend-focused spring look.

For this trial, I called up my friend Grayce from YesStyle’s Social Media Team to model for me. Grayce has rather soft facial features, which give off an air of delicate femininity that remind me of spring itself (coincidently she is also a Piscean), making her the perfect person to model this look!


Perfect Fitting Foundation & Brush

Left: No makeup.  Middle: Two swipes of foundation. Right: Blended

I’m more of a cushion girl when it comes to choosing foundation, but the sleek and romantic packaging of the Perfect Fitting Foundation really sold it for me. Of course I also had to get the Easy Cover Foundation Brush to match – both items are meant to be used together!

The foundation is light with a runny texture, and a few drops of the formula were enough to cover one side of my model’s face for a medium coverage. I’m genuinely impressed with the foundation brush’s ease of use; its bristles are densely packed yet remain super soft on skin! It holds the formula well when I use it to spread and blend the foundation out, unlike some brushes that leave a streaky finish, plus it blends evenly for an airbrushed finish.


Better Than Cheek

Left: #02 Peach Chip.  Right: #04 Fig Chip.

The main colors of the look have to match, so I picked romand’s Better Than Cheek blushers to use as eye shadows. The finely powdered blusher is soft but not brilliantly pigmented – I guess it’s because it’s actually meant to be used solely as a blusher. I had to apply quite a few layers for Peach Chip to stand out enough to show on camera; perhaps I should’ve used an eye primer beforehand so the color would show more. Although Fig Chip is slightly more pigmented, it still required quite a few layers in order to sit on top of Peach Chip, as opposed to blending together.


Easy Draw Eyeliner

Because colors are the main feature of this makeup look, I opted for more of a natural design with the eyeliner. Following the shape of Grayce’s downturned eyes, I only extended a smidge at the outer corners of her eyes, using Easy Draw Eyeliner in #02 Soft Brown, to highlight her pupils. The eyeliner was also pretty easy to apply thanks to its soft brush-tip – and hey, what’s not to like about a simple but effective smudge-proof formula?


VILLAGE 11 FACTORY’s Real Fit Dual Browcara & Mascara 

I’ve heard great things about VILLAGE 11 FACTORY’s Real Fit Dual Browcara & Mascara which is why I snuck this product into this review (I also did it because romand doesn’t  offer any brow or lash products at the moment)

I didn’t get to use the product’s browcara function for this look since Grayce’s eyebrows are pretty thick and dark already. The mascara is lifting, lengthening and very natural-looking. The best part? It coats super evenly and is completely free of clumps, thanks to its defined bristles that make it easy to apply, even on tricky areas like the lower lashes.

I didn’t manage to get a picture, but I tried the browcara on my own eyebrows afterwards. Even though I only tried it on a whim, it was surprisingly easy to apply! It has the same clump-free and budge-proof formula as the mascara, which makes it a total dream for those with hooded eyes. Sadly, the color is still a little too light for my dark and thick brows. But I definitely recommend this to the lucky souls out there with light-colored eyebrows, especially since it’ll save space in your handbags thanks to its 2-in-1 nature.


Adding Blusher

Moving down, I used #02 Peach Chip for the center of Grayce’s cheeks and #04 Fig Chip for cheekbone highlights. Both colors may look quite different, but they blend well together to create a subtle gradient that matches her eye shadows.


Creamy Lipstick

Initially, I thought about how perfect it’d be if I picked the spring or summer shade for this look, but the Creamy Lipstick in #03 Autumn stood out to me immediately as the perfect finishing touch. The formula is incredibly creamy and allows a gliding application, while the texture is feathery lightweight just as it claims to be. Thankfully, Grayce has a really well-defined cupid’s bow, which pops beautifully after applying the lipstick. Although quite vividly pigmented, the lipstick leaves a translucent, glass-like finish that makes the look less painted and more natural.

On a side note, don’t expect the lipstick to be non-transferrable. It’s neither smudge nor waterproof, but its hydrating formula means it won’t dry out and remains blendable to create effortless and chic gradient lip looks.


The Verdict

Overall, the look turned out pretty close to what I envisioned. The main issue I had is that the blusher pigments were more subtle than I had imagined, so more layers were required. But this became more of a pro than con, as it gave me more control to build and blend for a very natural blush. My favorite product from this trial has to be the lipstick – the formula is très parfait, and come on now, that’s a color I can wear all year round!


Is there a look you’d like to see us trial next?

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