My Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

6:10 am is when my first alarm (out of three) goes off every morning. By 6:30 am, I’m headed out the door and on my way to the gym.

I used to think of the gym as a place for me to reach my #summerbodygoals, but now it has become a daily part of my life as I work out to improve both my physical and mental health. Also, I find that working up a sweat every day is good for my skin (yes, the post-workout glow is real).

Although I’m lucky enough to have a gym just 10 minutes away from my apartment, I always have a few beauty essentials ready for my pre- and post-workout routines. And if I take a class in another gym, these are the items that you’ll find in my gym bag:


I never exercise with makeup on because sweat and makeup is a combo that’s asking for disaster. Add in some dirt and you’ll end up with clogged pores, and nobody wants that! So if I’m working out in the evening, I always make sure to remove all my makeup with innisfree’s Real Cleansing Tissue. It also leaves my skin feeling hydrated and even works wonders on stubborn, waterproof makeup like eyeliner and mascara.

I may not have makeup on prior to my morning workouts, but I find that it’s important to always work out with clean skin because you don’t want your night skin care products to mix with your sweat – especially if you applied actives, facial oil or a sleeping mask the night before. The wipes come in handy when I’m too lazy to do a full cleanse at dawn.


Chapped lips aren’t an issue for me but my lips do get dry. A quick and effective relief for my dry lips is to swipe on a few layers of Burt’s Bees’s Lip Balm before my gym class. This lip balm is my holy grail: It nourishes and moisturizes my lips, and it smells amazing! My favorite flavor is Pomegranate and Wild Cherry.

Another item that’s always in my gym bag is Glossier’s Generation G Lipstick in the shade Jam. I usually use this on days when I’m working out at another gym and have brunch plans afterwards. It gives a very natural, dialed-down color that’s perfect for casual weekends.


Deodorant – I can’t go without it during a workout, let alone the whole day! I like Biore’s Deodorant Z Mist Unscented. It’s a strong and quick-drying antiperspirant ideal for the type of workouts I do, which are mostly HITT (High Intensity Tactical Training). It’s also unscented and doesn’t contain any aluminum salts which may block pores and sweat glands.


Ever since trying out TROIAREUKE’s Oil Cut Cleansing, I can’t find a cleanser that I love as much. This gel-based cleanser is an absolute dream. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, and is gentle enough to be incorporated into both my day and night routines. I use this for a post-gym cleanse as it soothes my skin and leaves it moisturized.


I love a good face mist even if I’m just using it as a mid-afternoon refresher for instant hydration. To reduce my post-workout redness, I like to spray my face with LANEIGE’s Water Bank Hydro Mist to calm and cool my skin down. It contains organic lemon verbena extract to perk up fatigued skin and parsley purifying complex to enhance skin’s natural purifying process and purge any accumulated toxins.


Sometimes, a cleanser and a mist aren’t enough to calm my skin’s redness, especially on cardio days. That’s why SKIN&LAB’s Glacial Water Soothing Gel is a must-have in my gym bag. The super lightweight gel formula is perfect for my combination skin, especially now that the weather is getting warmer.


The Multi Protection UV Fixer from moonshot is a lifesaver when I’m strapped for time. Being a primer with SPF, it saves me the time that I would need for applying sunscreen. It’s the ideal primer for post-workout and when on-the-go, particularly if I have to meet with friends after working out.


I’ve never had much luck with dry shampoos since they tend to leave a white residue, so I’m left with no choice but to wash my hair every day, which I understand doesn’t do much good for my strands. Nonetheless, I can’t exactly have dirty, greasy hair. Washing my hair so often leaves it looking flat and lifeless, so I sometimes apply OUAI’s Dry Texture Foam to give it some texture.

Besides hair care, I also try to take good care of my hands. I have extremely dry cuticles, so I always keep some cuticle oil with me wherever I go to mix with my hand lotion or use separately. When I’m not using innisfree’s Nail Cuticle Oil, I’m massaging GLOHS’ hand treatment all over my nails.


Aside from beauty essentials, I keep a few other things in my gym bag including a hair tie, an insulated water bottle, a card holder, and of course my phone plus earphones. I prefer a spiral hair tie as it doesn’t tug on my hair and does a good job keeping my hair out of place during my workouts.

Staying hydrated is important. You’ll always find a water bottle in my gym bag, but not just any water bottle. I always carry an insulated one to keep water cold all day. Since my bottle already takes up a lot of space in my tote bag, I transfer all my necessary cards to a card holder instead of packing them in my chunky wallet.

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