How to Shop for Fashion at YesStyle

As an Asian girl born and raised in a Western country, I’ve always been fascinated by the way people dress in Korean and Japanese dramas. The styling and designs are different from those in Western high streets, which prompted me to shop regularly at YesStyle.

I began my shopping ventures at YesStyle around 7 years ago, and have remained a regular customer ever since. “How do you know if the clothes will fit?” is a question that my friends, family and even my current co-workers ask. Thanks to years of studying fashion, I follow a simple method that ensures all my purchases fit.


Why is the sizing different at YesStyle?

In Europe and the US, shoppers rely on their countries’ sizing guides even when they shop at various e-commerce sites – in most cases, they’d opt for their usual size, only to realize that the fit isn’t quite right. YesStyle sources clothing mainly from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. It’s important to understand that clothing manufactured in these countries is designed to fit common body types in their regions. This is why a size M in Asia will be significantly smaller than a size M in Europe, while the regular fit in the West tends to be too long for the average Asian.


Understanding Asian sizing

Asian sizes run smaller and shorter in comparison to clothing from Western countries. That’s because the average Asian has a smaller body frame than the average European or American. The average height of a Japanese woman is around 158cm (5 feet 2 inches), whereas the average height for a Belgian woman is approximately 168cm (5 feet 6 inches).

The chart below shows how Western sizes are converted into different Asian sizes. However, every piece of clothing is made to fit and look differently, so it’s best not to be over reliant on sizing labels. One brand may manufacture its garments in sizes slightly different from another brand’s, while other brands may offer only one-size or free-size clothing. This is why I suggest looking at the garment’s provided measurements.


Knowing your measurements

When a piece of clothing from YesStyle catches my eye, the first thing I look at before adding it to my Shopping Bag is its size information – that’s where the brand lists the item’s measurements.

Take the example below: The numbers may not ring any bells for you at the moment, but through learning your body measurements, you’ll be able to identify whether any of the sizes will fit you at a glance. There’s also a unit converter embedded underneath for convenience.

I’ve been shopping so often that I pretty much know all my measurements by heart. For those who’re new to the game, I highly suggest that you jot these measurements down, either in your smart phone or in a notebook, whichever is easier and more accessible.


How to measure yourself

Simply wrap a measuring tape around your chosen area, and measure its circumference. Start from the end of the tape that begins with 0.

Asking another person to measure you is preferred, as some specific areas of the body can be tricky to measure by yourself. If you wish to measure yourself, it’s recommended to measure the same area three times, and take the median of the three attempts as your final measurement.

Aside from height, the basic measurements you should know are highlighted in the diagram below:

For tops and outerwear, you’ll also need the width of your shoulders, and the length of your arms and bodice. For shorts and trousers, the measurements of your thighs and calves, and the length of your legs are essential.

Another tip: It’s safer if the garment is ½ to 1cm larger than your actual waist and hip measurements. This is to ensure there’s room even after a meal, or just in case the garment was not measured with 100% accuracy. It’s also safer to go for garments that claim to have a looser fit at the arms and thighs to allow room for movement, especially if it’s made with non-stretch fabric!


Happy shopping!

If you happen to fall under plus-size, don’t be discouraged because not all pieces are small-fitting and one-size only! Simply refine your search by clicking the “Plus-Size” filter, and voila, fabulous brands like J-ANN, Seoul Fashion, and MARSHMALLOW will show up! For the tall girls out there, there’re CHICLINE, chuu and LOLOten. Also, any products that go beyond a size L come with a plus-size size chart next to the unit converter.

All size charts can also be found at YesStyle’s Customer Service page, under Size Information.

Now that you’ve all your measurements taken, it’s time to shop!


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