K-Beauty X K-Idol

I stumbled across K-beauty much like many of us did: through K-pop. Our beloved Hallyu stars have long collaborated with various cosmetic brands and it’s no mystery why. For Style Files, I love looking at their enviable fashion choices but their on-point makeup and glass skin are also to DIE for!

Here’s a short list of K-idols collaborating with and modeling our favorite K-Beauty brands, plus some info on my favorite items on the list!


Of course, the VT and BTS collaboration is on this list! VT is home to many BT21 cosmetic products from lipsticks to face masks, while also boasting special edition items such as the BTS The Sweet Special Edition Set with the boys’ handsome faces on it.

My favorite item from this collab is the BT21 Lippie Stick. I’ve always been a sucker for cute packaging and since the sticks feature the BT21 characters, they’ve become collectibles for every ARMY. The colors are also incredibly pigmented with smooth and moisturizing finishes.



Nancy’s striking good looks landed her the 18th spot on TC Candler’s The 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018. Momoland’s maknae was the obvious choice to be Holika Holika’s exclusive model. From vibrant makeup looks to innocent pastels, she makes them look amazing and covetable.

Nancy models the versatility of the Piece Matching 12 Shadow Palette, and it’s been my go-to palette for peachy colors as of late. In fact, I use it to perfectly contrast my blue GEO contact lenses. The shades are highly pigmented and are easy to match and blend.



The perfect collaboration for EXO-Ls, Nature Republic offers face masks, hand creams and candles featuring your favorite members! The Korean brand is famous for using naturally-derived ingredients for many best-selling products and its EXO packaging is a major bonus.

The Moisturizing Special EXO Edition comes in two versions and both come with two hand creams: a Shea Butter Steam Cream and an Eco Crayon Lip Rouge. The limited edition tins are perfect for recycling and you can reuse them for your unlimited amount of EXO merch!



Beloved BtoB member Yook Sung-jae recently graced limited edition boxes from Some by Mi, and with his refreshing good looks, it’s a perfect match! Both sets include a full-sized toner and serum, along with two sample-sized bottles of the toner and five photo cards of Sung-jae.

Maureen, one of our editors here at The YesStylist, has already tried a couple of items from The AHA, BHA, PHA 30 Days Miracle Series (sans the photo cards, sadly). Both the toner and serum have refreshing tea tree scents and control excess sebum production as well as smooth your skin’s texture. Check out her review here for a thorough step by step on the effects of the products!

What K-beauty and K-idol collaboration would you want to see happen?

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