Granny Chic from K-Drama DAZZLING

Dazzling a.k.a. The Light In Your Eyes is a 12-episode K-drama that aired from February 11 to March 19 on JTBC. Deviating from typical Korean rom-coms, the story dives into more serious issues such as aging, fraud and family problems.

Images from JTBC

Han Ji-min plays the role of 25 year-old Kim Hye-ja, who ages into a 70-year-old woman (played by Kim Hye-ja, an actress sharing the same name as the character) overnight as a consequence of saving her dad’s life with a magic watch that can reverse time. Her romantic interest Lee Joon-ha (played by Nam Joo-hyuk) fails to recognize her. He coincidentally takes up a job as a caretaker and salesman in a company selling health supplements to the elderly, including Hye-ja.

While the first two episodes show Hye-ja looking young and beautiful, the rest of the episodes are dominated by 70-year-old Hye-ja, with only occasional appearances of her younger self, except for the last two episodes when the truth is revealed. The older Hye-ja has nonetheless kept her sense of style and manages to dress in down-to-earth outfits suitable for all ages. Who says grannies can’t be fashionable?

1. Crossbody Bags

It isn’t hard to notice that Hye-ja loves wearing crossbody bags. The versatile carrier looks stylish and proper on any outfit. It keeps your hands and shoulders free so you can move freely. It’s also easier to get your stuff from a crossbody bag than, say, a backpack. Crossbody bags mostly come with a flap or zip closure so your belongings are safely secured. The best part? You don’t usually put your crossbody bag down, so it’s harder for it to be stolen or forgotten somewhere!

2. Vests and Cardigans

Vests and cardis are grannies’ BFFs. They keep you warm and cozy while adding structure to your look. Being soft and foldable, they’re rather easy to carry around when taken off. Hye-ja often wears vests and cardigans on top of loose-fit dresses for a layered look.

3. Scarves

These might be an ajumma essential, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look chic in one. Many young Koreans wear a silk scarf at the collar of a polo tee or blouse. Some blouses and polos are furnished with an inset scarf at the collar.

4. Patterns

Hye-ja ventures into polka dots and loud florals when she’s her younger self, but prefers checks, stripes and ditsy florals when older. She wears them with a balanced mix of bright and muted tones to keep things exciting.

5. Denim

Denim instantly makes anyone look younger without trying too hard. Hye-ja still flaunts her cropped denim jacket and pinafore dress like a hipster, even when she’s older. There are really no age limits when it comes to denim. People of different ages and personalities can own the look quite differently.

6. Brogues, Sneakers & Pumps

Hye-ja wears sneakers for errands, brogues for casual outings, and pumps for work. When younger, she rocks pumps in truly daring colors like yellow, peach and ginger. In addition to creating a pop of color, such autumnal hues offer a retro appeal and accentuate the drama’s nostalgic mood.

7. Unexpected Colors

In the last two episodes, the younger Hye-ja dresses head-to-toe in clothing from the 70s. The most obvious thing about her change of style is the use of colors. She wears opaque leggings in bubble pink, brown, burgundy and orange; coats in emerald and purple; and knits in lime green and sunset yellow alongside bold head beads and hair clips. She also applies a lot of blush and has curlier hair. Those in love with aesthetics from the 70s will find these two episodes particularly rewarding.

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