Dare to Go Bare: Concealers to Try for Dry Skin

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Brave enough to leave the house without makeup? I’m not. Aside from when I stay in or when my skin gets some much-needed rest, I wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis.

Ever since the start of spring, my skin has been rather temperamental thanks to the sudden weather changes, which also triggered eczema flare ups. Annoyingly, the flare ups are particularly prominent on my face, which made major detoxes to my skin care and makeup regimens necessary.

I’m used to wearing a full face of makeup all the time, which makes going bare-faced exceptionally difficult. Not only am I prone to scarring and hyperpigmentation, but my skin can also take months to completely recover. For the time being, I decided to try four different kinds of concealer to figure out which suits my dry yet tender skin, and which I can wear daily while I’m on my makeup break.

1. Shiseido – Majolica Majorca Nude Makes Gel Natural

The Nude Makes Gel is advertised as a multipurpose product – it can be used as a tinted moisturizer, essence, sunscreen, makeup primer and even a color corrector. Its runny texture and scent remind me of sun lotion, though maybe that’s because it’s fitted with SPF30 PA+++. Size-wise, it’s around the same size as my hand cream, and application is straightforward. But if I want to use this for touch ups throughout the day, it can be a little messy because of its runny texture.

The coverage is more on the light end of the spectrum, dries quickly to a semi-matte finish, and doesn’t really leave any stickiness after. Around 1-2 pea sized drops will suffice for undereye areas and other small blemishes. When using as a full-face tinted moisturizer, 6-8 drops should be enough to give lightweight coverage. Despite its attractive multifunctional formula, it doesn’t seem to blend in completely with my dry skin. It covers light blemishes that are smooth with a natural-looking finish, but it’s not particularly fit for uneven textures.

Left: Hand with eyeliner martk; Right: After applying concealer

2. The Saem – Cover Perfection Tip Concealer SPF28 PA++ (#1.5 Natural Beige)

This Cover Perfection Tip Concealer from The Saem has a satin-like texture and glides easily onto skin when applied using its doe foot applicator. Around the size of my middle finger, the concealer is small enough to slide into small handbags and clutches, and it also comes with a standard sun protection formula of SPF28 PA+

One swipe offers medium coverage that easily covers freckles, sun spots and light scars. For any darker blemishes with uneven textures, the concealer also does a fair job of coverage since the formula is quite thick. My slight problem is with the color – despite the fact that I opted for a natural beige hue, the color is still rather fair on me (I usually wear a sand/beige shade with yellow undertones).

Left: Hand with eyeliner martk; Right: After applying concealer

3. innisfreeMineral Stick Concealer (No.2 Natural Beige)

This one really impressed me with its user-friendliness. Pull, twist and voila – in a few quick steps, the concealer is ready to use, without the need to put it down when applying. Its formula is both creamy and buildable – one dab offers medium coverage, while the pen-shape packaging makes it extremely easy to apply.

I find the Mineral Stick Concealer blends rather easily with surprisingly good adherence to dry skin. However, the formula seems to wear off after around 3 hours. Yet, unlike many other concealers that end up patchy and dried up, the Mineral Stick Concealer fades off evenly, making it easy for touch ups.

Left: Hand with eyeliner martk; Right: After applying concealer

4. EGLIPS – Saranghae-Zoo Dual Concealer (2 Colors) #02 Sand

The Saranghae-Zoo Dual Concealer not only looks cute, but comes with two varying hues of your selected shade. That allows you to use it in accordance with different areas of your face, or simply to blend a hue that matches perfectly with your skin. Its compact size can even fit into skinny jean pockets.

My previous experience with pot concealers gave me the presumption that the higher the coverage, the more drying the formula. But the Saranghae-Zoo Dual Concealer has completely overthrown this; its mousse-like texture melts right into skin, and blends out with just a swipe. Once it adheres to skin, it seems to stay on pretty well even after rubbing it with tissue.

Left: Hand with eyeliner martk; Right: After applying concealer

The Verdict

Here are my personal ratings for the four products:

Out of the four, my personal favorites are No. 3 and No. 4. Neither has SPF, but I’m actually more focused on finding an easy-to-use concealer that offers good coverage and blends well with my dry skin. I feel No. 4 ticks all the boxes for me, and will be my go-to concealer to wear for a full day out. But at the moment, I’m carrying No. 3 in my bag, even though it’s not as longwearing, its size and ease of use just works better for me as an everyday concealer.

No. 1 is a little too lightweight for me, but for those looking for an all-in-one tinted moisturizer and have fewer problems with textured blemishes, it’s definitely worth a try. While No. 2 didn’t score too well for me, it’s a pretty solid concealer that really is as good as any. It didn’t blend particularly well with my dry skin, but perhaps those with combination, normal or oily skin will appreciate its charm.

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