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Out of all the steps in my skin care routine, I take cleansing the most seriously. No matter how great the rest of your products are, their benefits will go to waste if you don’t prep your skin properly. The way you wash your face and the type of cleansing products you use can really make all the difference.

I recently switched up my cleansing routine with two of moonshot’s latest products: the Perfect Cleansing Oil Cotton and the Perfect Cleansing Foam. Compared to the rest of moonshot’s collection, these products are packaged completely differently – and personally, I love it! The black and white packaging is pretty simple and straightforward, and totally speaks to my minimalist soul.

Find out my thoughts on this cleansing duo:

Perfect Cleansing Oil Cotton

I never go a day without double cleansing, but as much as I like oil cleansers, I still much prefer using cotton pads to remove my makeup. Maybe it’s a force of habit but using cotton pads makes me feel like my makeup is thoroughly removed. So imagine my surprise when I found out that moonshot’s Perfect Cleansing Oil Cotton contains pre-soaked cleansing pads!

These cleansing pads claim to leave your skin feeling hydrated, nourished and clean, thanks to their hyaluronic acid and micro oil complex. There are two sides to each cotton pad; one side is embossed to help exfoliate skin, while the other side has a smoother feel to minimize skin irritation.

Before opening the tub, I was expecting that the cotton pads would be drowning in cleansing oil, but that wasn’t the case. It actually looks as if there isn’t any liquid at all, but once you get a feel of the cotton pads, you can tell that each one is soaked well with the cleansing oil.

Before I explain further, let me just say that this is one SUPER effective oil cleanser! As you can see from the above swatch, the makeup that I used from my moonshot Soft Glam Must-Haves Box Review, which includes a primer, cushion foundation, eye shadow and lip stain, disappears almost instantly. One cotton pad is enough to remove both my face and lip makeup, especially since both sides can be used, but I have to use a separate pad for my eye makeup since I wear dark and waterproof eyeliner and mascara.

I particularly like using these to remove eye makeup as some oil cleansers tend to sting my eyes, but these don’t as they’re really gentle. Breaking out was also a concern for me as I’ve been left with blemishes from using other oil cleansers, but the Perfect Cleansing Oil Cotton luckily didn’t irritate my skin.

Perfect Cleansing Foam

Of course, a double cleanse wouldn’t be complete without the main star: a cleansing foam. moonshot’s Perfect Cleansing Foam is infused with glacial soil extract to give you a deep cleanse. It’s formulated with hydrating ingredients such as alantoin, panthenol and hyaluronic acid, as well as PHA to gently exfoliate skin while restoring its pH balance.

The cleanser creates a rich and creamy lather that feels extremely gentle when massaged all over my face. It doesn’t have a particular scent, which is a plus for me as my skin sometimes doesn’t react well to heavily fragranced products.

I like using this cleanser with a konjac sponge in my nighttime routine to make sure that all the makeup and grime accumulated during the day are completely removed before I go to bed. After washing off the cleanser for the first time, I was anticipating that my skin would feel really tight, as most foam cleansers have that effect on my skin. Luckily, the Perfect Cleansing Foam didn’t leave my skin feeling tight at all! Instead, my skin felt clean, fresh and still hydrated.

While the Perfect Cleansing Oil Cotton and Foam work fine when used separately, they make the perfect duo for a cleansing routine. I suggest adding them both together to your night skin care routine for a solid cleanse.

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