Chapter 17: How to Pick the Right Sunscreen for Your Skin Type

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Here comes the sun…

June 21st is the official first day of summer which means your calendar will most likely be booked out with beach days. Besides shopping for swimwear, beach mats, flip flops and inflatables, don’t forget to shop for sunscreen!

Applying sunscreen is a must all year round but it’s even more important to apply it every day come summer. Sunscreen protects your skin against sunburn, fine lines, wrinkles and spots, and without it, you’re risking your skin to age prematurely. Consider it a necessity in your skin care routine and apply it even on the most overcast of days. If you think the sun’s UV rays can’t reach you through all the clouds, think again!

Sunscreens no longer just come in creams and lotions; you can also find them in sticks and gel form, which can make shopping for one a bit complicated. So which type should you go for? You’ll find the answer in this chapter:


What does dry skin need the most? Moisture. If you have dry skin and don’t know what to look for in a sunscreen, take a peek at its ingredients list. It should contain moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin or aloe. Go for a cream or lotion that won’t dry your skin out because that’s the last thing your skin wants!

A’PIEU’s Pure Block Natural Daily Sun Cream is an ideal sunscreen for dry skin types. This sunscreen with SPF 45 will not only protect your skin against damaging UV rays but also keep your skin hydrated thanks to its aloe, red fruit and flower extracts.


Dealing with extra shine on a daily basis is already hard enough. To add on to that, finding the perfect sunscreen that hopefully won’t leave you looking like a grease pit can take a lot of trial and error. Don’t fret! This is where sunscreens with lightweight and fast absorbing formulas come in.

The best option for oily skin types is a light gel like make p:rem’s UV Defense Me Blue Ray Sun Gel SPF50+ or if you’re interested in trying out something more unconventional, try a stick sunscreen. The Anti-Pollution Two-Tone Sun Stick SPF50+ from LANEIGE helps fight against UV rays and protects you from environmental aggressors especially pollution. Its formula also absorbs excess oil, making it suitable for both oily and combination skin.


Picking the right sunscreen for combination skin can also be tricky but not impossible. The main thing to remember is to find the right balance between the sunscreen’s lightness and moisturizing power since having combination skin means you may have both dry and oily skin on various parts of your face.

Go for THANK YOU FARMER’s Sun Project Light Sun Essence SPF50+. This sunblock absorbs into skin quickly without leaving a heavy or sticky feeling, making it perfect for combination skin. It also gives you just the right amount of moisture thanks to its extracts from Portulaca oleracea, lime and aloe leaf that help soothe and nourish skin. This sun essence’s packaging is also travel-friendly, so you can pack it with you for your summer vacay!


Sensitive skin types should stay away from sunscreens that contain alcohol, fragrance or other harmful chemicals that can easily irritate skin. Pick a sunscreen with gentle and soothing ingredients like PURITO’s Centella Green Level Safe Sun SPF50+. This mild and lightweight sun cream contains EWG-verified ingredients such as centella asiatica extract, which is a soothing ingredient, along with hyaluronic acid and tocopherol to keep your skin moisturized. You won’t find any artificial preservatives and harmful chemicals in this cream so it’s a foolproof choice for sensitive skin.


Wearing sunscreen daily prevents premature aging and those with mature skin need it even more, so be sure to never head out the door without it! Those with aging skin can normally get away with using any typical sunscreen that provides sufficient protection against UV rays but there are sunscreens available that are geared specifically for mature skin.

A sunscreen like Dailiben Innocent Sun Cream SPF50+ from THE PLANT BASE contains adenosine which addresses the signs of aging with its anti-wrinkle benefit. In addition to providing UV protection, this tri-functional sun care product also contains niacinamide to help brighten skin and 43% cactus extract to leave skin moisturized and glowing.

Need more convincing on why sunscreen is crucial? Check out our editor’s post and learn more about the benefits of sunscreen. If you plan on wearing makeup, I suggest you go for a sunscreen with a lighter consistency or one that absorbs into skin quickly so it doesn’t mess with your makeup. You can also cut down on time by wearing a makeup primer with sunscreen in it like BANILA CO’s Prime Primer Sun SPF50+ PA+++.

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