Vanity Guilty Pleasures in Every Zodiac Signs’ Shopping Cart

Signs & Attires

The type of vanity item that we secretly crave reveals a lot about our personalities. For instance, our guilty pleasures can be influenced by our moon (inner feelings), ascendant (appearance) and sun (core and ego) signs. In most cases, being a multi-faceted individual means our interests and decisions can be pretty dimensional; it’s a mixture of our personality’s significant sides just like the listed ones above. You can check all your other signs by generating your own free natal chart.

Remember, it’s okay to indulge in guilty pleasures every once in a while! Doing so helps our mental health, and allows us to exhibit our own uniqueness.


Aries x Concealers

In general, Ariens are very vocal and not afraid to publically express their disdain for social media. Despite their scorn, Ariens remain active on social platforms, and ensure to look their best in every post. With ideals as such, of course concealers are one of the most added items to their online shopping carts.

What’s stopping them? Their cravings for acknowledgement are what lead them to constantly seek reassurance to gain confidence. However, they can’t quite convince themselves that instead of wearing concealers, they can either a) wear a full face of foundation, or b) be unapologetic and proud about their nude canvases. But Ariens should realize that concealers are a handy item to back up their confidence when feeling under the weather.


Taurus x Premium Skin Care

Solid and steady, Taureans are careful with their finances – but at the same time, they’re experts in showering themselves with gifts. They don’t save to splurge, because there’s no such thing as impulse shopping in a Taurean’s world. Instead, they only spend their dollars on the finest, most exquisite items that’ll spark joy throughout use. Despite Taureans’ carefulness, don’t be shocked to see extra dollar signs popping up in their shopping carts – the temptation of luxury can be overpowering.

What’s the hold up? Clearly, it’s the price tag. Truth be told, Taureans feel guilty spending ludicrous amounts on skin care, but their sensual sides yearn for such pampering. That’s why these premium items are saved in their shopping carts until a flash sale, discount coupon or for when a potential gifter comes along.


Gemini x Trending Picks

As the sign most associated with communication, it’s no surprise that Geminis excel at leading conversations with everything from trivia and entertainment to fun facts. They know a lot because of their in-born curiosity, and their covetousness is reflected even more in their shopping carts. Whatever’s trending at the moment can be found there – the more, the merrier, too.

Need a push? After maybe five minutes of calm, Geminis’ shopping impulses tend to slow down. They’ll carefully rethink whether the product is right for them, and will go as far as to conduct even more research before heading back to the online shop. At the end of the day, Geminis should refrain from browsing before researching to ensure a quicker shopping experience.


Cancer x Eye Glitters

When do you find a guilty Cancerian? Cancerians are notorious homebodies who take pride and comfort in their habitats. So when they’re out and enjoying themselves more than they would at home, that’s when the guilt creeps into their minds. Despite their need for homebound security, Cancerians genuinely have a lot of fun when they go out partying. With this, you can imagine their shopping carts filled with party makeup essentials, like colorful eye glitters to keep their hype up.

What’s stopping them? Eye glitters are like the devils inside any Cancerian’s head. They’re not particularly suitable for everyday wear, which may set a Cancerian back from purchasing this absolute guilty pleasure. Cancerians shouldn’t throw themselves into such unbalanced mindsets – occasionally investing in makeup for fun actually doesn’t hurt


Leo x Anti-Aging Serum

The selfie-loving, dance floor-slaying and party-popping Leos always turn up at events feeling and looking their best. But there sure is one type of product that keeps these lionesses going back and forth in the online shopping department: anti-aging serums.

What’s the hold up? Leos have no trouble flaunting all their awesomeness, but the thought of someone finding an anti-aging serum in their bags is just pure horror to them. It’s not the prospect of aging that terrifies them, but the misconceived signal of admitting aging badly that puts these proud lionesses to shame. But calm down Leo, everyone needs an anti-aging serum at some point in their lives. Take it as preventive measure to premature aging! P.S., why would anyone carry an anti-aging serum in their bags all the time anyway?


Virgo x Hair Tints

Being a full-time perfectionist sure is tiring, but for Virgos, a high standard of self-control while maintaining a professional demeanor outside of work comes with their names! Virgos may be naturally gifted to look clean and polished with minimal effort, but being human, there are bound to be little imperfections for them to pick on. Of course, hair tints are secretly added to their shopping carts. Virgos will notice anything as specific as an uneven hairline, to almost unnoticeable hair gaps around their temples, and this’ll continuously irritate them if not fixed.

Need a push? Virgos aren’t particularly comfortable at admitting their own flaws. Despite being irritated by hairline imperfections, Virgos can’t come to terms with spending extra effort to tame a look that is meant to be effortless. But again, if it can give them peace of mind, a Virgo should just go for it.


Libra x Browcaras

Like fellow air sign Gemini, Libras have a tendency to fill their shopping carts with way too many items, and that’s not because they want them all. Rather, it’s their indecisiveness. Libras tend to wear a natural-looking “my-look-but-better” type of makeup, so it only makes sense that a simple product like a browcara eventually makes its way into their shopping carts.

What’s stopping them? Librans analyze and consider all pros and cons before actually hitting the checkout button. Even if it’s an item that they’re 90% sure of, it can still take months for them to buy. As for browcaras, Libras like the creativity and simple philosophy of the product, but is the effect and usability really worth a try? Calling all Librans: It’s totally fine to go with your heart sometimes and try things out without worrying so much!


Scorpio x Kitsch Packaging

When it comes to cosmetics, Scorpios usually stick to their tried and tested staples topped with their seemingly cool exterior for an alluring look to draw others’ eyes. They go for anything from edgy to alluring looks, sometimes even with a touch of kinkiness. As much as Scorpios enjoy the slightly ambivalent messages conveyed through their attire, they’re actually drawn to beauty packaging with an opposing aesthetic.

What’s the hold up? With witchy, mystical “bad gal” vibes going on, Scorpios stir quite a conflict between their love of kitsch packaging and unapologetic dress sense. But hey, the surprising contrast is what actually makes them unique, so instead of hiding their attraction to kitsch aesthetics, they should embrace it and haul up the goodies they have bookmarked!


Sagittarius x Compact Foundations

Well, Sagittarians already have their drawers filled with all kinds of compact foundations and refill packs. Yet their inquisitive natures often succumb to new gimmicks, which is how a number of compact foundations end up in their shopping carts.

Need a push? Sagittarians are perceived to be bold, free spirits. Despite constantly radiating “I-don’t-care-what-others-think” vibes, deep down they really do care about what people think. Also, how can they resist the tempting new-ins that boast longer-wearing formulas, added beauty benefits and extra puffs to boot? They can invest in the new stuff, but first discard any old and expired foundation, and make sure to find a formula that actually suits their skin type.


Capricorn x Full-on Makeup Brush Sets

Capricorns are those people who can survive on the bare minimum. Even when given all the options and a bigger budget, they still lean towards their minimalist approaches, which others often perceive as “being basic.” Generally competent and self-sufficient, Capricorns are fond of handy tools, a full-on 12 piece makeup brush set has always grabbed their attention, but it just hasn’t made it to checkout just yet.

What’s stopping them? To be honest, Capricorns are pretty content with a basic 5-piece brush set, and they’ll gladly use their fingers to apply eye shadow in desperate situations. The glamorous set of makeup brushes is still stuck at the back of their minds though. Perhaps it’s time for a well-deserved treat for these hardworking girls?


Aquarius x Colorful Mascaras

Those born under Aquarius are spontaneous, fueled by bizarre actions and eccentric ideas. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of vision and freedom, Aquarians don’t see the need to please everyone which is why they wear what they want, talk how they want and do what they want nonchalantly. Not afraid to wear bold makeup, Aquarians likes to express themselves through the use of colors, textures and patterns, and the only thing missing in their arsenal seems to be bright-colored mascaras.

What’s the hold up? Because they adore colors and expressions, Aquarians can be quite particular about a product claiming brilliant color payoffs, and what bogs them even more is that they’ve yet to find eyeliners that match their mascaras. Perhaps these creative water-bearers can bring out their experimental qualities by wearing contrasting colored eyeliner?


Pisces x Palettes

Pisceans never falls short of spoiling themselves every now and then. With their escapist nature, Pisceans take pleasure splurging on feel-good items that soothe their souls from their mundane and chaotic everyday lives. Because Pisceans are also highly creative individuals, it’s only natural for them to unleash their inner Monet with colors using their soft skin as a canvas.

Need a push? The reality is that Pisceans are not short on palettes. The problem is that none of their palettes are ever completely used up before they purchase yet another one. Well, since spring just hit, there’s always an excuse to pick up this season’s hottest colors to build a new signature look for the season.

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