Twice’s Peachy Momo

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From the 2015 reality TV show SIXTEEN, the girl group Twice was created with members hailing from Japan, Taiwan and Korea. The diverse group has been dubbed as a “monster rookie” since their debut and has achieved huge success both domestically and internationally. Despite being a young group, they’ve already blessed fans with a myriad of fantastic comebacks filled to the brim with quirky concepts. Many Onces (Twice fans) are already excited for what’s in store for them when the Fancy You album drops on April 22nd.

The bubbly girl group’s stage aesthetic centers around girly and colorful outfits but on their days off, the down-to-earth gals don comfortable pieces like any other 20-year-olds. Japanese member Momo tends to go for muted monochromes with minimal splashes of color. Most Hallyu stars go casual off stage and off screen, and Momo’s looks are as comfortable as they come! Since Momo actually means peach in Japanese, I’ve centered her casual outfit on the sweet fruit that she’s aptly named after plus splashes of pink – her official color!

Minimal Crew-Neck T-Shirt, Pinstriped Button Up Shirt & Heart Necklace

Momo is your average down-to-earth girl, minus the swathes of fans. While en route to their concerts and performances, she’s often seen wearing casual and go-to pieces. She often dons loose-fit tops and minimal jewelry in soft toned-down colors.

Because of chilly airports and fluctuating spring temperatures, I’ve layered a creamy pinstriped button-up as the idol often prefers to wear this during cooler weather. For the peach and pink details, I’ve chosen a white tee with an embroidered peach accented with a contrasting pink-ribbed crew neck. To complement the minimal top, her neckline is adorned with a delicate silver heart necklace, which at a glance also resembles a peach.

Distressed Denim Shorts & Heart Cut-Out Belt

Perhaps it’s because she’s the energetic dancing machine, but this Twice member wears comfortable denim shorts all year round, only donning jeans when it gets excruciatingly cold.

Momo’s staples, as are everyone’s in the blistering summer months, are denim shorts. This distressed piece is perfect for adding a rugged contrast against the clean cut of the white tee and pinstriped button-up. Wrapped around her waist is a cute pastel pink belt with heart cut-outs for belt holes! Although the singer often prefers basic faux leather pieces, this belt matches the ribbed neckline to create a clear frame of the bodice, which elongates the legs.

Chunky Sneakers & Peach Embroidered Socks

As the main dancer, she obviously has cool kicks and these monochrome color-block shoes fit perfectly in her normcore wardrobe. The chunky dad sneakers are comfortable and go with her goofy and fun side. Once again bringing in her namesake fruit, her pink socks are embroidered with cute peaches.

Check Tote Bag, Fluffy Key Ring & Raccoon Hair Tie

You might think that a global star would prefer carrying designer bags but not Twice’s Momo! Whether she’s traveling or between schedules, the idol carries her essentials in a simple tote bag. This check bag complements the pinstriped shirt while the pink key ring ensures she has her favorite stuffed toy with her at all times.

The dancer loves cute things so to keep her hair out of her face during dance practice, I’ve equipped her with an enameled raccoon hair tie. Onces know that the idol has this cute creature as part of her signature look as she thinks she looks like it!


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