Chit Chat with Clémentine M.

Choreographer by day, YouTuber by night – meet Clémentine M.

Clémentine creates dance videos, fashion hauls, beauty unboxing and tutorial videos, and daily vlogs for her YouTube fans. With a natural passion for dancing, Clémentine puts huge chunks of her effort and energy into producing her own choreography. She also shares her passion with different communities by organizing and hosting workshops around France.

We had a quick chat with Clémentine to learn how she stays motivated and which K-pop idol she aspires to be. Keep reading to find out more about her!

How did you get into dancing? Were you always passionate about it?

Apparently, when I was a baby, I started dancing before even walking, my mum says. So I guess it was always a big part of me. I went to a Ballet School when I was four years old and decided to stop around 14. Although this was what got me into K-pop covers on YouTube, so I’m happy about it. I was missing dancing so badly that when I discovered K-pop, I had to do it. I posted dance covers on YouTube and created a dance crew – this is exactly what I did and how I actually first started on YouTube!

As a known YouTuber with a successful channel, how do you manage your popularity and stay down-to-earth?

I think what helps me the most is the people I love. I know it might sound very cliché but it’s true. My family and friends constantly remind me why I’m doing this and why it is important to stay humble and true to yourself. It’s an industry where people can change so easily because of the popularity and all the money around it. Staying true to yourself can be a real challenge sometimes but I guess this is why my bond with my followers is so strong; they know I’m not playing with them in any way and I never will.

Do you have any makeup or skin care essentials for spring?

I used to not put ANYTHING on my skin back in my teenage years (I have no idea why, though – I was probably too lazy). But now that I’m 24, I think taking care of yourself and your body is really important. If you want a healthy mind/life, you have to start with your body/skin, I guess.

I mostly use products from Dear, Klairs for my morning and night skin care routine, and I have to say that it’s perfect for getting radiant skin.

You spent a year in Korea. What did you love most about your stay there?

The fact that I was able to go whenever I wanted to the dance school “1 Million Dance Studio” was a dream come true! And of course, my daily life, shopping, food, walking in Hongdae (my fav area in Seoul) with all the dancers and singers every night.

If you could be a K-pop idol, who would you be?

I started listening to K-pop around 2009 so my favorite artists are the oldies. I guess I choose CL from 2NE1. She’s such a badass woman and I love the fact that back in the day, she and the other members of the band broke the code of the “girly and cute K-pop girls group.”

She can rap, sing, dance, act, she has an amazing sense of fashion and her charisma is just…WOW. So yes, if I could be any K-pop idol I’d choose to be her. Fierce, confident and unique!

All images: @clementinem_ytb

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