Street Styles from Seoul + Tokyo Fashion Weeks FW19

Just like the weather, fashion trends are unpredictable, which is why we need to keep a close eye on what’s happening. Fresh from the streets at the recent Seoul and Tokyo Fashion Weeks, here are the trends that took the lead:

Main and leftmost images from Vogue

1. Chest Rig

Fanny packs are so yesterday! If you want something extra, the showgoers suggested chest rigs. The main difference between a fanny pack and a chest rig is that chest rigs have more straps. It’s almost like wearing a backpack on your front. I’m sure some of you have already tried doing so and found it way more convenient.

2. Belt

If chest rigs look too casual or edgy for you, try a belt! There’s no easier way to spice up and add definition to any outfit than a statement belt. The belts they wore didn’t just come in leather, but also in fabrics with glitters and studs.

3. Pleather

Another easy way to catch attention is wearing pleather. A biker jacket is elementary, but you can step up your game with a flowy trench, or choose one that’s bright and shiny rather than the typical matte black.

4. Cinched Cuffs

Cinched cuffs on the pants create a volume contrast. A pair of cinched-cuff cargo pants cropped slightly above the ankle will make you look taller when worn with combat boots!

5. Clashing Panels

Clashing colors are nothing new during fashion week, but this time we’re seeing an overwhelming amount of clashing patterns too. The dynamic contrast between print and monochrome panels is more than enough to make heads turn.

6. Monochrome

Rebelling against clashing colors, some trendsetters decided to wear black or white from head to toe occasionally sprinkled with a dash of red. In a sea of prints, there’s no doubt that the monochromes stand out.

7. Scarf

I’ve mentioned in my previous article on spring trends that scarf print blouses are in vogue, but the showgoers are more keen on wrapping the real thing around their heads, waists and bags. Don’t forget your sunnies to get that Jackie O look on-point!

8. Ninja Shoes

Maybe it’s just a staple every Tokyo Fashion Week, but I feel like I’ve been seeing ninja shoes more often than ever this year. The style appeared as patent boots and jelly flats alike, and in all sorts of colors ranging from white and lime to beige and black.