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After reading Chapter 15 of the Beauty Book, I was itching to try out a couple of items for a brighter makeup look for spring and summer! I love going brighter and bolder so I was totally on board with our Beauty Editor’s suggestions – plus I’ve been feeling like my go-to makeup looks are stuck in a rut rather than being signature looks.

I opted to pair a couple of 3CE’s items with Pinterest, Instagram and runway trends for my spring and summer makeup.

Virgin Brows On Fleek

I’ve got long, thick brow hairs scattered every which way, and oily skin to boot, so the struggle, as they say, is real. That’s why I’m glad that naturally bushy brows are trending, as seen on #VirginBrows on Instagram. Still, my brows are uneven with strange patches here and there.

That’s why I chose 3CE’s Brow Pencil, which has an incredibly convenient built-in spoolie! The brush is soft so it doesn’t leave your skin red and aggravated when you use it. The liner itself comes in a geometric shape with a sharp tip. I was glad to see the liner fill in the awkward patches, especially at the ends, and it made my brows look naturally thick without looking overdone or going full-on Brooke Shields. Also, despite my oily skin, the liner didn’t smudge throughout the day and remained fully intact well through the night.

Neon One Color Shadow

I am glad that neon eye shadows are trending on Pinterest and on the runway since I love bright eye shadows. 3CE’s One Color Shadow in the shade #JulyLime had been in my shopping bag for a while, and since I’ve been stuck in a makeup rut, I decided to give it a go.

I can’t say I didn’t drool when I first swatched it. I was rewarded with the most pigmented Korean eye shadow I’ve ever used! The pigment is as strikingly neon green on my lid as it is on the package. It also has a nice smooth texture that blends easily – perfect for that clean mono eye shadow look!

Tip: If you want to make your eye shadow pop even more, use an eye primer that’s a shade or two lighter.

Super Slim Eye Liner

Thanks to my oily skin, my makeup journey has been full of trials and tribulations. I lean towards Japanese eye liners as they tend to fare well against my excess sebum-producing skin. However, I was convinced to try 3CE’s Eye Liner thanks to its high ratings on YesStyle.

The liner has a very small tip which is great for creating sharp lines, and its formula glided well across my lids. The highly pigmented black liner looked great against the bright eye shadow without having to reapply or layer multiple times. It also didn’t crack, as most long-lasting eyeliners do.

Duo Color Face Blush

Since I have rosacea, I always go for colors that are far from the red hue of my cheeks. Similar to my previous Valentine’s Look with I’M MEME MEMEBOX, this time I went for an even brighter shade of orange with 3CE’s Duo Color Face Blush in the shade #RetroDrive. The color might seem a bit off-putting for some as the shade comes off a bit too orange on the package. In danger of looking like an Oompa Loompa, I decided to give this vibrant blush a go with bright fruity cheeks like the ones trending from e-girls on Instagram to models on the runway.

TLDR: It didn’t make me look like an Oompa Loompa. In fact, with the blush mixed in with my skin tone, it made me look sun-kissed – a look that I lost over the winter and have now gained just in time for summer! I used the two shades together, which created depth and a dimensional look, but I also love the versatility that this duo blush brings.

Go Glossy

Vintage trends are still on the rise and one that I’m excited about and equally dreading is Pinterest’s glossy makeup trend. I like to go bold or go home, but glossy lids are definitely not on my makeup “to try” list. Instead, I chose to go glossy on my lips with 3CE’s Glass Gloss.

The gloss can easily be squeezed and applied thanks to its angled applicator. The sticky texture had a drier feeling after its initial application and didn’t stick to my hair, even though I thought it would. It’s also moisturizing and its texture felt more like an amped-up lip balm, which I loved. So did I sing an awful rendition of Lil Mama’s hit song while doing my makeup? Yes, yes I did. Since she is right and “my lip gloss be poppin’.”

Tip: If you want to go the extra mile with the gloss makeup trend, you can also use the lip gloss on your lids.

How I Wore It

After endless perusing on YesStyle.com, I racked up lots of gold-toned everything, from gold-toned bobby pins and layered necklaces to my all-time favorite buy: tasseled bee earrings. Nothing looks better on green than gold, that’s why I decided to use it all to accessorize my spring look, bringing out the brightness of the eye shadow, the warm tones of the blush, and the shine of the gloss.


If you’re stuck in a makeup rut, why not try a couple of items or even the whole look?

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