Nailing Your Spring Look Based on Your Zodiac Element

Signs & Attires

Now that the weather has warmed up a bit, we’ve started shoving our winter coats, furry knits and woolen trousers to the back of our closets because it’s time to bring thinner fabrics into the light! Shedding a few pounds of clothing off your body may sound enlightening, but something is definitely missing when celebrating the coming of spring without a refreshing new look.

If you didn’t catch this spring’s hottest trends in time, don’t panic! We’ve carefully curated themed looks catered to your zodiac element so you don’t have to.


Fire Signs: “Space Cowgirl x Time-travelling Mermaid”

Aries , Leo , Sagittarius

Tending to gravitate towards boldness, these fiery characters are adept at getting their messages across while living life by their own rules. The idea of spontaneous adventures, fueled by adrenaline and plenty of drama, is sure to catch their interest. But what will they wear to suit their Indiana Jones-esque escapades?

Fire signs embrace fashion without sacrificing function, and throwing in a touch of fiction suits their audacity even more. Think utility with retro intergalactic textures, finished with surrealistic touches reminiscent of fantasies and mermaids. In actual clothing terms: denim, boiler suits and cargo pants are the essential base pieces to build from. Layer on with fishnets, metallic sheens and iridescent beads as embellishments to create unique vibes that only fire signs can effortlessly rock.


Earth Signs: “Frutti Gym Tux”

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

For the assiduous earth signs, springtime is all about results and the harvest, which calls for a look that works as hard they do. These independent souls mean business even in their clothing aspirations; they’ll look towards pieces that evoke practicality and professionalism, put together in the form of gym gear styled against finely tailored silhouettes.

Nothing speaks to earth signs more than a chic and powerful ensemble, which is why colorful yet structural suit jackets fit right into their formula. Contrast bold suits with a sports bra or top to emanate unparalleled confidence and competence, and make a powerhouse statement with double connotations. Showcase the earth sign’s innate perseverance and practical nature with one of this season’s hottest catwalk items: biker shorts. Juxtapose with a slightly oversized blazer for added laidback-ness.


Air Signs: “Hippies Meet Surf-kids’ Summer”

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Yes, you didn’t read that wrong. As the forward-thinkers of the pack, air signs are donning summery vibes this spring. These airy creatures can be elusive, but that’s just air signs honing their artistic (avant-garde, even) approach to everything.

Air signs already operate on an eclectic wavelength, but the nonchalant vibes from hippies, as well as the wacky energy that surf-kids emit, will get special attention. After all, the unique visuals of tie-dyed colors and distressed band tees over sleek wetsuits really pack a punch to fun-loving air signs. Pairing these items together is fun and liberating, much like air signs themselves. There’s nothing wrong with embracing the free spiritedness of early summer ahead of time, just as long as you own the look.


Water Signs: “Gatsby Goes Fabric Shopping”

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

In general, water signs have a lot of feels, which make them seem mysterious and sometimes aloof to other signs. Truth be told, they’re too focused channeling internal thoughts and energies. Water signs are intuitive yet sensitive to the point that they absorb all the positivity as well as the negativity around them. Because of this, they seek peace from all the nicer things in life to maintain inner balance.

From the vivid emotions in romantic prints to the softness depicted in pre-Raphaelite paintings, water signs are attracted to beautiful things that speak to their senses. So let’s drop the winter blues and welcome the season with bold, all-over motifs with opulent trimmings. Complete the look with ecstatic ruffles in sensual silky finishes for a picturesque OOTD.


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