Chill Vibes with K-Indie Darling Oh Hyuk

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K-indie band HYUKOH first broke into the mainstream music scene when they appeared on the much-loved Korean TV show Infinite Challenge’s 2015 Music Festival. Though they had only debuted the previous year, the band was already a rising star in the indie community in Korea. They’ve since started to gain a larger international fan base and are billed to perform in Coachella later this month along with fellow Korean groups BlackPink and Jambinai.

With their unique sound, music video aesthetics and wardrobe choices, the band instantly became one of my favorite bands. The shaved head and chill vibes of frontman and lead singer Oh Hyuk are a far departure from the usual K-pop look, which make him a rarity in the Korean music scene. The band’s overall laissez-faire approach to their styling oozes confidence and forms a unique aesthetic that is recognizably theirs.

Printed Shirt, Long-Sleeve Tee & Color-Block Fanny Pack

Oh Hyuk has a keen eye for fashion. With the streetwear scene in South Korea blowing up, he’s often seen in the coolest styles. He sports totally wearable pieces but the way he styles them sets him apart. That’s why I’ve chosen pieces that are most likely already in everyone’s closet.

An oversized white long-sleeve tee is layered underneath a black printed short-sleeve button-up. I’ve chosen a shirt printed with old chunky desktops for the ultimate vintage graphic. To build up even more retro vibes, I’ve outfitted him with a fanny pack. This classic belt bag has a fun color-block design in primary colors, adding vibrancy to the otherwise dark outfit.

Loose-fit Jeans & Sneakers

Whether he’s wearing suits or hoodies, a key style feature of HYUKOH’s frontman is a loose-fit silhouette so I’ve chosen blue baggy jeans to further accentuate his vintage appeal and effortlessly cool vibe. As comfort is always the main priority for Oh Hyuk, sneakers are another item that he is often seen wearing. These black sneakers feature eye-catching details in cobalt blue and vibrant yellow for a pop of color.

Grommet Belt, Chain Belt Accessory & Chain Necklace

When pairing a loose top and an equally loose bottom, it can be easy to drown in all the fabric. Metallic accessories bring a bit of structure to the silhouette. The grommet belt cinches in the excess fabric of the top while providing a division between the two halves of the body. The single chain accessory on the belt also accentuates the asymmetric styling of the belt bag. To bring out more of a grunge look, I’ve added chain details to the top as well with the help of a layered necklace.

Cuff, Safety Pin & Hoop Earrings

One of the many things I love about the singer is his tough-looking exterior, which completely contradicts with his gentle demeanor. Playing into the bad-boy vibes, the soft-spoken Oh Hyuk has a number of piercings. The most prominent are his lip piercings. To complement the piercings and the industrial vibes of the grommet belt and chain accessories, I’ve layered his earrings as well. A cuff, a safety pin and hoop earrings complete his look by bringing in the same hoop elements while changing up the widths and shapes.

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