6 Tips to Softer, Smoother Skin in Time for Summer

I know that spring just started a little over a week ago and summer is still two months away, but you can never start too early when it comes to body care! As we start wearing fewer layers and spending more time basking in the sun, it’s important to take care of our skin. I’m not just talking about the skin on your face but the skin on the rest of your body, which is often overlooked or neglected.

If you’re in pursuit of softer skin but are guilty of not giving much attention to body care, it’s not too late. Follow these simple tips to help you get one step closer to softer and smoother skin – just in time for summer!

Tip #1: The secret to soft, glowing skin

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Let’s start off with body oil. If you’re wondering when the best time to apply body oil is, it’s before you step into the shower. It may seem like a lot of work but it’s worth it! All you need are a few drops of oil. Massage the oil all over your body prior to applying body wash and you’ll step out of your shower with extra soft skin.

Don’t go for anything too heavy like coconut oil, or you’ll be spending hours in the shower trying to completely wash it off. AROMATICA carries two massage and body oils that are perfect pre-shower:  Peppermint Vitalizing Massage & Body Oil rejuvenates the body and Lavender Relaxing Massage & Body Oil soothes and relaxes the body thanks to its lavender and chamomile oils.

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Tip #2: The secret to smooth skin

Exfoliating is a must, especially in seasons when you’ll be showing more skin, as it sloughs off dead skin cells and promotes cell turnover. Not exfoliating enough leads to dull skin, and it also prevents your body care products from working properly. Let that fresh, smooth skin shine through this summer by exfoliating daily, or at least twice a week.

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TIip #3: Make these your shower staples

I’ve dealt with keratosis pilaris all my life. I’ve desperately tried a ton of products that claimed to improve my skin condition, and nothing seemed to work. Many body scrubs tend to be too harsh for my skin so I regularly turn to a konjac sponge, which is a total savior! For those who are new to konjac sponges, they’re really easy to use: Soak your sponge in warm water and give it about a minute to turn soft before using it. You can either use it alone or pair it with body wash. Body milk is also a great alternative to bar soap or body wash since it’s more hydrating and leaves the skin even softer.

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Tip #4: Body lotion is your BFF

Making a habit of applying lotion even when it’s scorching outside can be difficult if lotion leaves your skin feeling slick. You might feel this way because you’re using a heavy-duty body moisturizer, so all you need to do is switch to a lightweight body lotion and you’ll be good to go! Nature Republic’s body lotion is the perfect lotion for summer – it’s light and moisturizes skin without a sticky feeling, plus it smells like fresh peaches!

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Tip #5: Don’t forget about your feet

It’s sandal season so all the more reason to take extra care of your feet! Give your feet some TLC by treating them to a weekly foot mask. PUREDERM’s Shiny & Soft Foot Peeling Mask is a great choice to help remove dead skin and soften calluses thanks to its hydrating formula of lemon, orange, tea tree, honey, coconut oil and other botanical extracts. Lock in the moisture with Derma: B’s Deofresh Foot Cream and you’re ready to show off those baby-soft feet in your newest sandals!

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Tip #6: Keep your skin blemish-free

It may be tons of fun under the sun, but a downside to summer is trying to combat excess oil, not just on your face but also on your body. Excess sebum leads to clogged pores, resulting in acne – and nobody wants that! You can count on Madecassoside Clarifying Body Spray from Koelf, the sister brand of PETITFEE, to control sebum production and get rid of blemishes and blackheads, particularly on your back. If you want to give it a try, check out our editor’s full review for her thoughts and experiences with the body spray.

Once you’ve followed the steps to getting soft and smooth skin, add something a little extra. Before stepping out, wear your favorite fragrance. I’m not a fan of perfumes; I don’t hate them but they’re just never at the top of my wish list. If you’re the same, then a light body spray like Etude House’s Pink Cherry Blossom Allover Spray should do the trick. Add a little spritz directly on your clothes or on both your wrists and smell fresh all day this spring and summer!

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