Brand Spotlight: NAKEUP FACE

Combine “naked face” and “no makeup” together and you get NAKEUP FACE, a Korean brand that believes one’s confidence comes from natural beauty rather than cosmetics. NAKEUP FACE started in 2014 as a makeup brand but has branched out to a wide range of skin care products, with the main goal of helping people achieve and maintain healthy, glowing skin.

NAKEUP FACE aims to provide products with the best quality and at affordable prices. The brand does not use harmful chemicals or ingredients, and ensures that only premium components are used in creating its products. Aside from having clean ingredients lists, NAKEUP FACE steers clear of animal testing and has established itself as a high-quality eco-friendly beauty brand.

You can easily curate your skin care and makeup routine by using NAKEUP FACE alone. The brand’s 10% AHA Scaling Cream is one of its bestselling items. The cream contains glycolic acid to gently yet effectively remove dead skin cells and improve your cell turnover process, resulting in a smoother and more refined complexion.

If you’re new to the brand, other popular skin care products that you might want to try are the PHA Water Tox Ampoule, a hypoallergenic ampoule infused with 6% PHA to exfoliate dead skin cells and tighten pores, and the Stress Zero Toner, a mildly acidic toner that balances the skin’s pH level. The Stress Zero Toner has received many positive reviews from YesStyle customers who praise its gentleness and hydrating benefits. Those with sensitive skin, or who are ingredient-driven, will also like what they read on the toner’s ingredients list: Made with 92% green tea along with allantoin, centella extract and purslane extract, and free from alcohol.

Lipstick enthusiasts should go for NAKEUP FACE’s bestselling One Day Water Volume Lip Ink. This highly pigmented lip ink comes in seven different shades and has a long-lasting formula. NAKEUP FACE’s Coverking Powder Cushion is another item that’s highly sought-after. Did you know that the powder cushion actually contains cherry blossom water instead of distilled water? That way, your skin remains moisturized all day long!

All images: @nakeupface

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