Which “Romance is a Bonus Book” Character Are You?

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My editorial buddy Shelley recommended that I watch the K-Drama Romance is a Bonus Book on Netflix, and it’s easy to see why. Set against the backdrop of the publishing industry, the romcom centers around 37-year-old divorcee Kang Dan-yi (Lee Na-young) and 32-year-old editor Cha Eun-ho (Lee Jong-suk), who grew up together while enjoying a brother-sister relationship. Things change when the unemployed Dan-yi joins Eun-ho’s publishing firm as a contract employee. The two eventually grow closer together as Dan-Yi learns the quintessence of book publication.

Aside from the bittersweet romance between the main characters, the drama also portrays life in a publishing firm (or any office in general), where you get to work with all sorts of people. Not surprisingly, the characters in the drama have rather different fashion choices that reflect their personalities and roles in the company. Do you see yourself in any of them?

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The Trusty Neighbor

If you wear oversized slit sweaters with bright color-blocking pleated maxi skirts, denim, crossbody bags, leggings and dad sneakers, you’re most likely Kang Dan-yi. You look approachable so people are naturally drawn to you. You don’t mind going the extra mile to help people out in every possible way, from tedious tasks and challenging emergencies to counseling. You’ll offer to walk your workmate’s dog so they can get some sleep, drink overnight with your newly divorced workmate, and take up her tasks if her kid’s in the hospital. That’s why everybody loves you.

Get her look:

The Almighty Senior

If you wear plaid coats, shearling, knit turtlenecks, pencil skirts and flats, you’re Song Hae-rin (played by Jung Eugene). You may look stern and cold on the outside, but inside you’re just a kind and warm-hearted person that needs as much love and encouragement as everyone else. You’re passionate and dedicated at work, which is why you dress professionally and decently. Meanwhile, you don’t mind showing a little sense of style since that’s one of your job requirements. You’re a role model to your peers.

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The Sophisticated Director

If you wear more structured outfits such as capes, power suits and blouses in black and white, topped off with silk scarves, belts and stilettos, you’re Ko Yoo-sun (played by Kim Yu-mi). You enjoy the fruits of your hard work including financial independence, power and authority. It’s unlikely that you need to run errands, so you have the luxury to look chill and dressy all the time. You may have a wild or feeble side, but you’d rather not show it to your co-workers since this may ruin your credibility.

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The Working Mom

If you wear wrap coats, silky jewel tone blouses, carryalls and a wedding band, you’re Seo Young-a (played by Kim Sun-young). You have a family on your shoulders and struggle between being the perfect employee and performing your domestic duties. You’re a smart and frugal buyer, which is why you choose practical, evergreen staples with forgiving silhouettes over fancy and trendy pieces. You bargain and wait for discounts. Secretly, you wish your husband would pamper you with a pricey pair of shoes every once in a while.

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The Cute Newbie

If you wear bright teddy jackets, tall boots and designer bags, you’re Oh Ji-yool (played by Park Gyu-young). You’re the innocent and energetic wannabe, trying hard to learn from your mistakes and adapt to the working environment. Your mom may spoil you with a few expensive bags so you won’t look shabby, but be careful not to overdo it. You probably spend more time, money and effort on clothes because you’re still at the honeymoon stage and you’re eager to impress. Just dress your age and you’ll be fine!

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Romance is a Bonus Book OST is available on YesAsia.com.

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