SKINMISO Review: Oily Skin Essentials

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Now that winter is over, I need to switch up my routine and start using skin care products that won’t leave me looking slick all day. I gave some of SKINMISO’s products a go not only to help battle my oily skin days, but also to keep my skin in tip-top condition.

SKINMISO is a cruelty-free brand known for formulating products addressing different skin concerns including acne, dryness, oil control, brightening and aging. From their collection, I picked out five products including the bestselling Pore Corset Serum, Rice Foam Cleansing, Pore Zero Night Cream, Peel & Fill 2 Step Mask Pack Set and the Oil Eraser. Read on for my review:


Product claims:

Removes excess sebum, makeup, impurities and dead skin cells. Restores the oil and moisture balance of skin and brightens complexion.

My experience:

If I had to pick any type of cleanser, I normally wouldn’t go for a foam as most of the ones I’ve tried leave my skin feeling tight. The Rice Foam Cleansing has a very rich lather and soothes those doubts; it doesn’t dry my skin out and instead leaves it feeling clean and fresh. It’s light enough to use in my morning routine, but I would add an oil cleanser before using it at night if you wear a lot of makeup and want to thoroughly clean your face.

After about a month of continued use, I noticed that my oily T-zone was less shiny. I also have a few dark spots left behind from past blemishes that faded quite a bit. Thanks to the rice bran, licorice and green tea extracts, my skin tone looks more even too.


Product claims:

Tightens pores, regulates sebum production, and restores skin’s hydration and firmness.

My experience:

A skin-tightening serum? Yes, please! The Pore Corset Serum is specially formulated for those with oily skin suffering from enlarged pores. At first glance, the serum seemed like a promising product, especially since it claims to tighten pores, but I was a bit skeptical. I’ve stopped believing products that are marketed towards shrinking or completely getting rid of your pores because they haven’t worked on my pores!

While I do like that the serum is gentle and soothing, and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, I unfortunately couldn’t see any significant changes in the size of my pores after testing it out for a few weeks. I do feel that my skin is firmer, and I also like that the serum is lightweight and absorbs pretty quickly, so I reckon it would be the perfect serum for spring and summer. I might keep this serum in my routine for a little longer to see if it makes any difference in the size of my pores.


Product claims:

Tightens pores, fades blemishes, brightens and improves overall skin tone.

My experience:

If you’re looking for a night cream, then the Pore Zero Night Cream is the one you should be checking out. It’s enriched with witch hazel, sage and lemon balm extract that help brighten your overall complexion as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I love a good night cream and this one is not only extremely moisturizing, but also gives me a healthy glow almost instantly after application. I have sensitive skin, and this night cream luckily doesn’t cause break outs, either. Thanks to the cream, I now wake up to supple, dewy skin the next morning!

The Pore Zero Night Cream has a thick but smooth texture and glides effortlessly on my skin. As the last step of my night routine, I apply a little more than a pea-sized amount to lock everything in. If I squeeze out too much, I just apply the remaining cream on my neck.


Product claims:

Peeling pad: Mildly exfoliates, gets rid of skin impurities and dead skin cells.

Mask: Soothes and moisturizes skin.

My experience:

The Peel & Fill 2 Step Mask Pack Set comes with a peeling pad and sheet mask. I always exfoliate my skin with a gentle scrub before applying a mask, and I only recently learned that prepping your skin with an exfoliating pad prior to a masking session is also beneficial.

The peeling pad contains white willow and vinegar to remove dead skin cells, lemon peel to tighten skin, and Manuka honey to soothe and moisturize skin. Peeling pads are becoming a trendy way to exfoliate and many Korean brands are coming up with their own formulations. This peeling pad, in particular, is super easy to use as it features a little pouch that you can slip your fingers into, making it easier to wipe over your face. I’ve actually recently stopped applying acid-based products after a facialist told me that my skin was getting thinner, which isn’t a good sign. I now try to limit the use of acids in my daily routine. Luckily, this peeling pad doesn’t give me a tingly or burning sensation.

I wait for about two minutes before moving on to the second step, which is the sheet mask. Like the peeling pad, the sheet mask also contains soothing ingredients like Manuka honey, green tea, aloe and witch hazel extracts. I leave it on for about 15 minutes, or until I start noticing parts of my face getting dry. After taking it off, I gently pat in the remaining essence and my skin is left moisturized all day!


Product claims:

Absorbs excess sebum.

My experience:

The last product I tested out is the Oil Eraser. Judging from the name, I assumed it would just get rid of oil (which of course is what it does) but the formulation is intriguing. The liquid powder contains nine types of extracts that absorb sebum while keeping the skin nourished and hydrated, and porous powder that absorbs a lot more sebum than the other ingredients.

At first, I was completely clueless as to how I was going to use this product, but the brand suggests that you can use it either before or after makeup. The Oil Eraser is white in color, and although I initially  thought it would be in powder form, it actually feels like a lotion with a thin consistency. I tried applying it before and after I wore makeup, and since it doesn’t seem to sit well on top of my makeup, I stuck to using it beforehand. I only apply it on oily areas like my forehead, nose and sometimes my chin. It sinks quite well into my skin as long as I spread it quick enough before it dries. This is definitely a staple for those with oily skin!

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