Easy-To-Wear Monochrome Makeup Colors

Matching makeup and matching outfits were considered a major faux pas not too long ago but that’s no longer the case – the monochrome makeup trend is now prominently seen being sported by our favorite stars. It might seem like a difficult trend to pull off but it’s actually one of the easiest trends to emulate! You can take it up a notch or keep it on the down low. Here are some easy-to-wear monochrome colors and how to wear them, plus the makeup trends in Korea that perfectly match each look!


Coral is an easy color to rock, thanks to its natural-looking shade, plus it’s Pantone’s color of the year so you’ll find many products to achieve this look. Korean beauty tends to lean towards au naturale looks, and fruity shades are trending this year, focusing on dewy vibrant tones.

Sheer coral cheeks and matching lips can easily be incorporated into your everyday look. For everyday, opt for matte coral eye shadow and for a night out, you can glide an eye shadow with a glittery finish over your lids and use soft pencil eyeliner.


You may or may not be a big fan of beige but when going for a full monochrome look, it’s difficult to go wrong with this shade. Thanks to its hue being the closest to most skin tones, it’s perfect for the “no makeup makeup look”. Again going with the natural Korean look, this year we’ve seen a rise in ditching eyeliners and a focus on applying mascara to accentuate the eyes.

This shade is perfect for a mature office look when toned down with matching matte eye shadow and lips, but it can be taken up a notch. Use brown mascara to give an illusion of natural-looking eyeliner. 3CE’s blush is also great for creating a subdued contour.


Unlike the other colors in this list, the burgundy makeup look is more suited for party looks, but it’s also difficult to go wrong with this shade. The key is to accentuate the eyes with a smoky effect and go for the “puppy eyeliner” instead of a fierce cat-eye.

For this monochrome look, layer different shades of burgundy eye shadow before lining your eyes with a matching burgundy liner for a sultry finish. Since the eyes are already accentuated, go sheer with the blush and finish off with a highly-pigmented burgundy lip with a crisp edge.


Pink for spring is not new, I know, but it is PERFECT to reflect the refreshing weather. Whether it’s pastel or vibrant pink, it’s a great shade for an innocent everyday look. This year, Korean makeup trends are also leaving behind the matte lips for glossier pouts, and pink is a great test run color.

Glossy lips might look like a blast from the early 2000s so putting them together with soft natural pinks is a great way to balance shine and retro appeal. Light shades of pink on lids with matching dewy cheeks are a sure way to achieve an innocent, clean and put together makeup look. Finish it off with brown or even black mascara to lengthen lashes and add definition to your eyes.


Red is a universally flattering shade but it can be an intimidating color to wear as one part of your makeup – and much more intimidating for a full monochrome look! Brightly colored cheeks is another makeup trend that’s making its way to the streets of Seoul, so you can either opt for red cheeks and eye shadow or cheeks and lips, but not all three at the same time.

If red eye shadow is a step too far out of your comfort zone, opt for sleek red eyeliner and red lips for an eye-catching but minimal look. Finish off with mascara to contrast against the red liner.


Which monochrome shade do you see yourself trying out?

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