SKIN&LAB Ultra Refining Set Review

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Due to pure laziness, I recently narrowed down my 15-step skin care regimen to five simple steps. I do the usual double cleanse followed by toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen during the day. I don’t have any complaints with my current routine but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to add some new products for extra benefits.

When I saw SKIN&LAB’s Ultra Refining Set, I immediately envisioned combining its products into my current routine. SKIN&LAB is a cruelty-free skin care brand from Korea that develops hypoallergenic products formulated with natural ingredients to help you achieve clearer and healthier skin. All four products from the set, which includes the White Vita-C Essence, Red Serum, E Plus Moisturizing Vitamin Cream and Glacial Clay Facial Mask, fit into my routine easily with each providing different benefits.

You think that once you have a routine that works, then that’s it – you’re done. But not with skin care! Those who are as obsessed with skin care as I am understand the struggle of constantly browsing (most of the time purchasing), both online and offline, the latest products in hopes of finding your next HG product. Read on to find out how I used each item from the set in my daily routine.

White Vita-C Essence

I’ve always used Vitamin C serums but trying it in essence form is a first. The White Vita-C Essence is formulated with green tea seed oil, spider silk protein and sea buckthorn extract that hydrates, strengthens and soothes the skin.

I use the essence every morning after applying toner so it increases my protection against UV-induced damage. It has a yellow tint that smells citrusy and a very light texture that my skin soaks right up. It also has a silky finish, which I love, that allows a smooth and easy transition to the next product I slather on. I usually follow with an ampoule unless I’m a bit tight on time.

I had a few new blemishes that popped up around my cheeks prior to using this essence but luckily, it was gentle enough to not irritate them. This is probably one of the most hydrating Vitamin C products that I’ve tried. It did a superb job at brightening some of my dark spots.

Red Serum

Applying a serum is the step I look forward to the most in my routine because, to me, serums are a luxury; you want them but you don’t always need them (unless you have specific skin concerns). Serums are the products that you save for and splurge on.

The Red Serum is definitely worth splurging on! It contains plenty of antioxidants that are great for skin, namely pomegranate, raspberry, cloudberry, lycium, acai berry, blueberry and raspberry. It’s also formulated with wild yam, sweet almond seed, witch hazel, allantoin and licorice extracts. All these ingredients work together to brighten, revitalize and moisturize skin as well as improve its elasticity.

I prefer applying this serum at night so I can spend extra time massaging it onto my skin before applying my night cream. Of course, massaging is optional but I find that it helps to increase absorption of the product. Besides, a daily facial massage also increases circulation and can help relieve stress, therefore reducing the appearance of fine lines. Along with the White Vita-C Essence, the Red Serum helps to make my skin brighter day by day, and speeds up the process of lightening my acne scars.

E Plus Moisturizing Vitamin Cream

In general, I like to keep my skin care collection minimal, but I’m a hoarder when it comes to moisturizers. I take my creams seriously so I have a separate stash of products that I use for summer, winter and when I break out. I also have a pile that I bought on a whim – I can’t even remember why I bought them in the first place!

The E Plus Moisturizing Vitamin Cream is formulated with Vitamin E, mineral water, mango seed butter and lavender oil. It’s packed with nourishing ingredients that protect the skin’s moisture barrier, and it offers deep hydration, making it the perfect addition to my winter skin care routine. I normally wouldn’t use such a rich cream during the day, but my skin doesn’t seem to mind as the E Plus Moisturizing Vitamin Cream keeps my skin hydrated all day during winter. I’ll most probably switch to a lighter cream in summer though.

I only wish that this cream came in a bigger tube – then it’d be perfect!

Glacial Clay Facial Mask

My routine is never complete without a good clay mask and this Glacial Clay Facial Mask instantly became one of my favorites! It’s made with a mixture of Canadian colloidal clay, Avena sativa oatmeal and tea tree leaf, which gives pores a deep cleanse.

I stick to using a clay mask once a week so as to not over-exfoliate my skin; otherwise it would get dry and irritated. In comparison to other clay masks I’ve used, this one is gentle and effective. When applying a mask, it’s vital for me to use one that doesn’t aggravate my sensitive skin. Luckily, this mask doesn’t leave a burning sensation as it gently removes the excess oil on my T-zone and smooths out some of my uneven skin texture. Another thing I like about the mask is that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling super tight after washing it off.

I’ve written a separate review on two of SKIN&LAB’s clay masks including the Glacial Clay Facial Mask in this set. So if you’re curious to know how you can multi-mask with this, check out that post.

Overall, these are all great additions to either a morning or night routine. After a month’s use of all four products, I definitely feel that I have less hyperpigmentation and my skin feels a lot smoother. If I had to pick one that I see myself using again, it would be the clay mask – my combination skin loves it, especially when combined with SKIN&LAB’s Pink Clay Facial Mask for multi-masking.

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