Chapter 15: Winter to Spring Makeup Transition

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It’s officially (and finally) spring! As our wardrobe choices get lighter for warmer weather, so should our makeup. It’s time to give your winter makeup items a break – say goodbye, for now, to your dark-hued lippies, eye shadows, eyeliners and blushes, and welcome the new season with a line-up of your freshest beauty picks. Your makeup collection should be inspired by soft yet vibrant spring hues.

This year is all about embracing your natural beauty. If you’re not up for flaunting a completely bare face, then you can always go for a “no makeup” makeup look with lighter and breathable makeup.  Here are some tips on how you can transition your makeup bag and be spring-ready in no time!

But First, Primer

Your makeup may have survived winter without primer but that may not be the case as the weather gets warmer. Sweatier days are coming so if you want your makeup to last longer, be sure to slather on some primer. If you’re a lucky one who miraculously doesn’t perspire (I envy you), particularly on your face, then pick a primer like heimish’s Artless Glow Base that gives you luminous skin. It also protects you from sun damage with its added SPF50+ PA+++.


Give Your Skin Room to Breathe

One of this year’s biggest makeup trends is a natural look. I used to always leave the house with a full face of foundation, even during sweltering weather, up until recently when I decided to only apply concealer. If you have plans on staying outdoors all day during spring, go light on the foundation or just apply concealer on areas needed. It’s such a refreshing feeling to let more of your natural skin shine through!

Moonshot’s Micro Correctfit Cushion offers full coverage but is light enough to wear during spring. If you don’t need as much coverage, the PONY EFFECT Pro Fit Liquid Concealer will be your go-to – it’s lightweight but good enough to cover blemishes, spots, redness and dark circles.


Welcome Spring with Color

Take a break from dark eye shadows and heavy eye makeup, and welcome the new season with soft pastels or vibrant colors. With so many shades to choose from, you can create endless looks, but make sure you’ve got the basics including neutral tones like nude, beige, peach or bronze.

To draw more attention to your eyes, keep a stash of 3 CONCEPT EYES’ One Color Shadows ready. These matte eye shadows are highly pigmented and give you a vivid pop of color to create a statement look. You can use one on its own and blend it outwards for a softer look, or combine two or more colors to add more depth to your lids.


Color-Packed Eye Makeup

If you used colorful eyeliners last season, don’t let them go just yet. Not a fan of colored eye shadow? Try a liner instead. These smudge-proof and waterproof gel liners from CLIO glide smoothly on your lids and with 14 colors available, you’re bound to find a shade that’s worthy for warm weather.

Eyeliners are great for adding dimension to your eyes. Go for a bright-colored liner to create a simple winged eyeliner look or get creative and draw a fun graphic eyeliner look.

Got oily lids and need your eye makeup to stay flawless all day? A good eye primer should do the trick!


Subtle but Fresh Cheeks

Don’t forget to change your blush collection! Remember to go easy on the blush, and keep it subtle. You want to look naturally flushed instead of showing obvious streaks of blush on your cheeks. Add 16brand’s Sixteen Cheek Shot blushes to your makeup bag; aside from their cute and minimal packaging, you won’t be able to resist their gorgeous hues. They’re also smudge-proof and long-lasting which is exactly what you need for the sunnier days ahead.

For more blush suggestions, check out this other article on blush shades for spring.


Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bright

No look is complete without a touch of lipstick. Reach for warm or bright-colored lippies to really liven up your look. Are you team matte or glossy? For fans of a matte finish, CANDY LAB’s Cream-pop The Velvet Lip Color is your perfect match. All shades are kiss-proof and the variety of colors available is too pretty to pass up!

If you’re all about glossy lips, then the Juicy Pant Tint from A’PIEU is a no-brainer. These tints are formulated with honey, apple and rose extracts to give your lips a boost of moisture and the bold color payoff will keep you looking fresh all day.

In case you missed it, check out the previous chapter for a winter-to-spring skin care transition. Here’s to looking good this spring!

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