The K-Pop Idol Who Defines Your Zodiac Sign’s Look (Part Two)

Signs & Attires

The wait is over! Continuing from part one, the second installment covers the remaining zodiac signs and their assigned K-pop idols. Read on to find out how their looks speak for their astral qualities!

Virgo: So-Yeon @(G)I-DLE

(August 26, 1998)

Left : Instagram @official_g_i_dle ; Right: “Senorita” MV, 2019

Virgos are gifted with a natural, standoff-ish aura. So-Yeon, the leader and rapper of (G)I-DLE, emanates authority yet remains a self-critical perfectionist who takes great pride in her work. So-Yeon’s Virgo mindset means she knows what she wants and works hard for it. At a young age, she already figured she wanted to become a performer, which led to her active participation in competitions like girl group survival TV shows Produce 101 and Unpretty Rapstar. The talented So-Yeon even had a taste of stardom with a solo debut in 2016 before joining (G)I-DLE.

Not afraid to go bold, So-Yeon often sports reddish eye makeup complete with slick cat-eye flicks that accentuate her kittenish almond eyes. Her piercing look enchants yet intimidates, topped with neatly defined lower lashes and a dash of shimmer to elevate her powerful gaze. So-Yeon also wears her blusher mainly on her cheekbones, finished with fierce, neon red lips that exude Virgo confidence.


Libra: Jimin @BTS

(October 13, 1995)

Left : Instagram @bts.bighitofficial ; Right: “Blood Sweat & Tears” MV, 2016

Cited as the sweetest and most caring member of BTS, Jimin is a people pleaser and has been voted by fans as the most popular in his group. Jimin is a charming performer who aims for the best in all of his attempts. However, he confesses that he’s actually rather self-conscious about his appearance, which is why he maintains a strict diet and works out regularly. Jimin’s ideals of beauty and unconditional love for his friends are distinct qualities for any Libra.

Jimin once stated that his favorite makeup is the smoky eye look, and he wears it almost religiously with confidence. As the lead dancer of BTS, he often wears makeup that matches the color of his hair, complete with a softly coordinated eye line for a Libran-style balanced look. One thing he never forgets to put on is a glossy MLBB lip tint that not only complements his whole makeup look, but also draws out the rosy warmth from beneath his glowing skin.


Scorpio: Jeongyeon @Twice

(November 1, 1996)

Left : Instagram @ twicetagram ; Right: “YES or YES” MV, 2018

Having a seemingly aloof exterior, but a warm personality within, is perhaps one of the more recognizable personality traits of those born under the sun of Scorpio. Jeongyeon, lead vocalist of Twice, effortlessly embodies this quality in both her attitude and appearance.

As a water sign, Scorpio is intuitive and persuasive yet sensitive, and Jeongyeon brings out her inner warmth through the bold colors she puts on. She almost always wears a matte look, from foundation to lips, which gives a clean porcelain-like finish. From eyeshadows to gradient lips, vivid pink is a regular resident in Jeongyeon’s beauty palette that allows her to create simple but alluring makeup looks.


Sagittarius: LE @EXID

(December 10, 1991)

Left : Instagram @ exidofficial ; Right: “I LOVE YOU” MV, 2018

Weird, wacky and outrageous, LE is an archetype Sagittarius in many aspects. Fellow EXID member Hyerin once described LE as “sexy” while also being “a good rapper” – qualities that LE dominates with her girly yet tough personality. When she first debuted, LE was sensitive about her looks as they don’t fit traditional ideals of beauty, and she’d usually prefer to hide behind a pair of sunglasses. But today, with attained confidence, LE demonstrates true optimism and offbeat charm with ease much like her zodiac sign.

LE’s makeup never lacks color – vivid reds and bold pinks being popular choices for her eye and lip makeup. Double mod-like eyeliners give off a cartoonish appeal, but the girl rapper wears them with confidence, complete with a touch of humor. Throwing a pair of colored contact lenses into the formula adds drama to the look, which Sagittarius always welcomes.


Capricorn: Minzy

(January 18, 1994)

Left : Instagram @_minzy_mz ; Right: “Ninano(feat. FLowsik)” MV, 2018

Before going solo, Minzy was the quiet and hardworking maknae (youngest member) of former girl group 2NE1. Despite being the baby of the group, Minzy always demonstrated maturity and capability in a professional manner that seemed unlikely for her age. However, ever since breaking through as a solo act, Minzy has proven herself with nothing but pure hard work and talent.

Minzy is notorious for wearing dramatic yet thick eyeliner, which is often accompanied with smoked out eye lids and bold straight brows. Her lashes protrude with equally dramatic flair, intensifying the volume and focus towards her eyes. Back in 2NE1 days, Minzy usually wore a muted, natural lip look, but as an independent Capricorn today, she rocks flashing pinks that illustrate her fearless attitude perfectly.


Aquarius: Kim Lip @LOONA

(February 10, 1999)

Both images: Instagram @ loonatheworld

Kim Lip may not be the leader of LOONA but her onstage persona allows her to shine even within a group of 12 girls. A competent and passionate dancer, Kim Lip is known for her chatty personality and once wore a shirt to a set supporting the LGBT community, thus demonstrating the humanitarian nature of her sign.

Each LOONA member is given an official color, and Kim Lip’s is a deep, fiery red which she sports brilliantly in performances as well as with makeup. Aquarius is the sign that likes to color outside the lines and be experimental, which is clear in one of Kim Lip’s and fellow bandmate Yves’ V live (a Korean video streaming app). When asked to see her everyday makeup pouch, Kim Lip presented a tray packed with beauty products instead. Her biggest collections are eyeshadows and lipsticks, which feature various hues of reds, corals and pinks. She also mentioned that sun protection is one of the very first steps of her beauty routine, which she never skips.


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