PETITFEE Koelf Madecassoside Clarifying Body Spray Review

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Do you ever neglect body care during winter and then panic once it starts getting warmer because the skin on your back is a mess? Yes, we’ve all been there and I’m currently in that predicament as per usual this time of year.

The Madecassoside Clarifying Body Spray from Koelf, the sister brand of PETITFEE, promises to rid your skin of blemishes and blackheads while controlling sebum production. I tend to skip body care because most formulas are too thick and sticky, making it uncomfortable against clothing. In addition, I’m not that flexible, so I tend to neglect my back the most. Since this comes conveniently in a spray bottle, I figured I would give it a try and hopefully get clearer skin.

Packaging & Application

The slim packaging, designed with pink and green details, is adorable but it’s the nozzle that adds much-needed functionality. The applicator is deceivingly small but its spray is far-reaching. It’s recommended to spray 1-2 times after showering on towel-dried skin. Spraying my back with the bottle is quite easy despite having a very stiff body.

Scent & Texture

The ingredients list is rather long; the product is infused with witch hazel, cica (it’s in the name, of course) and other naturally-derived extracts such as anise, rosemary, willow, sage, peppermint, mistletoe, orange lemon, bergamot and mayweed. I was half expecting the spray to have a heavy mix of a floral and herbal fragrance but the subtle fragrance was a welcome surprise.

I was also expecting a thicker consistency because of the ingredient-heavy formula. Thankfully the spray has a watery texture that dries quickly with a non-sticky and refreshing feeling.

Keratosis Pilaris a.ka. Chicken Skin

I suffer from keratosis pilaris, most commonly known as chicken skin. Although it’s not as severe as the examples that turn up on Google Images, it’s something that hasn’t disappeared since my teenage years. I’ve used multiple products to get rid of it but it still hasn’t disappeared.

Having originally chosen this body spray to combat blemishes on my back and shoulders, I was pleasantly surprised that it managed to soothe the redness and smooth the bumps. Although chicken skin isn’t really dangerous, I’m glad that it has mostly subsided after use.

Final Verdict

This is a great product for people who want clearer skin on their backs, chest or shoulders and hate the sticky feeling from creams or other remedies. It dries very quickly and has a cooling effect, which is an added bonus.

I was worried that the fragrance would be too overwhelming since I’m not a big fan of herbal scents but luckily, the fragrance was mild and dissipated very quickly. In addition to calming my keratosis pilaris, the other red spots on my arms and shoulders have calmed down noticeably. I’m glad I started using this in spring as I’m sure I’ll be more comfortable wearing my fave sleeveless and off-shoulder tops come summer!

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