Top Beauty Trends Revealed

Beauty trends vary from country to country due to a range of factors, from culture to skin color, which is what makes international beauty trends so interesting. Using Google Trends data, we’ve delved into the most popular beauty trends around the world.

As a starting point, we’ve identified a range of popular beauty trends and ordered them by their percentage of internet searches in different countries.

Interestingly, Glittery Eyes were most popular in the UK, while Opal Hair was more popular in Australia – and the US took a massive 46% of worldwide searches for Braided Buns.

Beauty trends can range from skincare routines to makeup styles, and one especially popular makeup routine is applying eye shadow – which is why we wanted to explore the most popular eye shadow colors from around the world.

The UK and Ireland, two of the smallest countries on the list, have managed to beat some of the largest countries in the world. If we compare the top 5 results, both the UK and Ireland combined take an incredible 45% of searches for eye shadow.

Another popular makeup item is lipstick, and with the huge variety of colors to select from, picking out a new shade can a tricky decision. We’ve looked at the trending lipstick colors in different countries to help you decide.

Interestingly, lipstick appears to be more popular in Asian countries than Western countries. The Philippines shows the most interest of all, accounting for 23% of all searches for lipstick in the top 5.

Unlike makeup, you can’t remove and replace your hair color on a daily basis, which means picking out a new dye can be tough. We’ve taken a look at the most popular hair colors to give you some inspiration.

Hair color seems to be equally popular all over the world, with Australia pushing into 1st place – closely followed by Mauritius and the UK. Unsurprisingly, Blonde is the most popular hair color, with pink close behind in 2nd place and Ombré in 4th.


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