Watch Tiffany Young’s Beauty Routine

If you follow K-pop, I’m sure you’ve heard of Girls’ Generation member Tiffany Young, who has started a solo career and recently released a new album, Lips on Lips.

While I’m a fan of Korean makeup and skin care, I’m not an avid follower of K-pop. I actually first heard of Tiffany after one of our editors featured her on Style Files. Then I came across a video from Vogue’s YouTube channel featuring Tiffany’s 18-step beauty routine. Given my love for (binge) watching beauty tutorials and routines, I didn’t think twice before hitting the play button! Check out the video below:

My initial reaction when the video started was “OMG, I want her skin!” The 29-year-old is basically #skingoals!

In the video, Tiffany starts her routine with a tightening and lifting face mask, which helps create a smooth canvas for her makeup. After prepping her skin with an anti-aging essence and an eye serum, she grabs a primer and mixes it with an oil base for a natural glow. She also offers a very useful tip that some people tend to forget: to always apply products in an upwards motion and never aggressively pull your face down.

She goes for a thin and sheer layer of foundation which is perfect since natural makeup is the current trend. To achieve this, she opts to spread her foundation out with a damp beauty blender to help the product seep into her skin better, leaving a more even finish.

If you think you can get away with using just one product for your brows, think again! Tiffany uses four products to shape her brows, including three different eyebrow pencils and a powder palette. Straight eyebrows may be a trend in Korea but Tiffany believes in drawing your brows to whatever shape frames your face the best – and I totally agree with her!

Moving on to blush and highlighter, Tiffany likes to apply a pop of color in the center of her cheeks to create the illusion of a shorter face. She keeps her highlighter game quite subtle and au naturale, focusing on the higher points of her face like the bridge of her nose, cheekbones and Cupid’s bow.

I normally wouldn’t pay much attention to the next part of the video which is about bronzers, because I don’t find them an essential part of my makeup routine. But the tip that Tiffany shares is a life-changer! She suggests applying bronzer along the jawline to create more definition between the jawline and the neck. And just like that, my mind was blown! How have I never thought of that? I immediately tested her tip the following day and I can foresee the bronzer becoming a staple in my routine!

She completes her look with soft, everyday eye makeup and finishes off with an MLBB lippie.

Tiffany’s video was very entertaining to watch, especially with her fun and bubbly personality. I also like the fact that she uses a combination of products from the US and Korea. If you want to recreate her makeup look, you can try incorporating some of the products she uses that are available at YesStyle:




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