10 Spring Fashion Trends to Follow

Bored of hearing about pastels, florals and ruffles every time we talk about spring fashion? Well, there’s more! Inspired by what people wore on and off the runway during the most recent fashion weeks, coupled with YesStyle’s bestsellers, this list includes silhouettes, textures and colors that you’ve barely noticed but will soon fall in love with. Are you ready for them?


Fringes & Feathers

One of the most exciting trends this season, boho fringes are upgraded into lightweight feather accents coming in the form of allover patches. This results in luxurious, airy and richly layered pieces in Swan Lake style.

Scarf Print

Can’t be bothered turning your favorite scarf into clothing even though you’d love to? Thanks to these fuss-free scarf print blouses, we’re saved from all the twists and knots necessary for wearing a scarf like a top. Less likely for nip slips too!

Colorful Stripes

Battle Angel Alita wears a colorful striped top in her dystopian world. As a symbol of hope and diversity, vibrant stripes are also an easy and surefire way to instantly transport you back to the 90s.

Sage Green, Orange & Sky Blue

Even though coral is Pantone’s Color of the Year, it seems to have more to do with makeup than clothing – at least for now. The color trends for fashion gravitate towards secondary colors such as sage green, orange and lavender. While the love for orange and lavender appear to be a continuation from last year, sage green is entirely spring-conscious and reflects society’s call for serenity from Mother Earth. Sky blue also pays homage to nature and the 90s.

White Pants

What makes a better match for sky blue than white clouds? White pants instantly smarten up any outfit. The color is perfect for diluting all the vibrant springtime colors mentioned above, and you can’t go wrong when matching it with denim. If you aren’t comfortable wearing white bottoms, try a white biker jacket or boots.


Just when I thought the iridescent trend was gone, it comes back on clothing and jewelry rather than on bags when it first appeared. Just like rainbow stripes, the palette evokes a dreamy, hopeful mood that’s ideal for spring.

Heart-Shaped Earrings

There has been a craving for heart-shaped blushes and lipsticks for a while now, and jewelry designs are catching up with pearl beaded hearts, cupids and heart-shaped iridescent rhinestones.

Coin Pendants

Nostalgic coin pendants add drama to your outfit. Get them in a polished gold finish and boldly layered for a retro glam look.

Necklace-Inspired Rings

Reminiscent of an Indian panja, adjustable lariat-style rings seem to be a thing at YesStyle now. So are rings accented with micro chains and charms.

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