FLABOIS Milk Bomb + Milk Shake Hair Mist Review

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Despite having my hair bleached, dyed and handled with heat on a regular basis, my hairdresser still considers my tresses to be healthy (thanks for the tough genes, mom). There’s a common misconception that only chemically treated hair needs routine use of hair care products. Although dyed and permed hair tends to be drier, weaker and more prone to damage, untreated hair isn’t necessarily exempt from these risks. Weather conditions also affect the quality and appearance of your tresses, so taking care of your hair should be as important as feeding your skin and body with nutrients.

FLABOIS focuses on skin care and haircare products that are designed and made entirely in South Korea. The brand name takes inspiration from nature and the French word la bois, meaning wood. Perhaps it’s my love for cute aesthetics and all things dairy that drew me to FLABOIS’s irresistible yet cutely packaged Milk Bomb Hair Pack Capsule and Milk Shake Hair Mist.

Milk Bomb Hair Pack Capsule (Special Edition)

What it claims to deliver: Convenient and powerful moisture care that instantly restores shine and nutrients to damaged hair.

How to use:  Can be used before or after shampooing. Evenly apply the contents of one capsule all over hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing off.

The Milk Bomb usually comes in a pack of three, but for the special edition, there are 12 capsules instead – and let’s not forget that it’s packaged in a clear polypropylene box shaped like a milk carton! The capsules are each around the size of your palm, and sealed with a water-drop-like cover. Being a hoarder of cute packaging, of course I opted for the one that is more attractive.

I prefer to use the Milk Bomb after shampooing, and more like an intense hair conditioner. Its contents are enriched with extracts from New Zealand goat milk, and tremella mushroom for collagen, along with a blend of argan, olive and avocado oil that give it its powerful moisturizing effects. Its scent reminds me of coconut oil, while the formula is both creamy and nourishing, which leaves my hands and hair feeling tender and soft even after rinsing.

Milk Shake Hair Mist

What it claims to deliver:  A quick solution to reinvigorate hair with moisture and nutrients.

How to use:  Shake well before use. Spray on specific areas or entire head. Use with a hair brush or hand-comb for a natural finish.

In terms of packaging, I have to admit that this is a little disappointing when compared to the Milk Bomb. The clear, shiny plastic packaging seems almost too simple, and lacks design consistency with other products produced by FLABOIS. But the bottle itself doesn’t feel like a cheap one that will break easily; there’s sturdiness in its construction that doesn’t allow the bottle to deform when squeezed by my hands.

Most people use a hair mist as hair fragrance. But, not being an avid perfume user, I instead seek hair mists for two main purposes: 1) to help hold untamed flyaway, and 2) as a quick fix to unexpected frizz throughout the day. The Milk Shake Hair Mist contains protein, collagen and ceramide which work hand-in-hand to reinvigorate tresses with elasticity, moisture and glow.


Applying hair mist on dry hair

The Verdict

Left: Before; Right: After applying Milk Bomb and Milk Shake Hair Mist

The Milk Shake Hair Mist has become a permanent resident on my work desk. To me, this is one of the best products to carry on rainy days – I usually spend a good 10-15 minutes styling my hair before leaving the house, but the rain and humid air quickly dry and frizz up my tresses the moment I leave. When I arrive at work, I frown at the sight of flat and limp hair, and much to my reluctance, I result in tying my hair up for the day. Although this hair mist does not restore the original look I styled my hair in, it does work to restore shine and smoothness. It’s also a relief to use it after coming back from lunch. A pump or two surprisingly helps tone down the strong odors from restaurants that linger in both my clothes and hair.

One capsule of Milk Bomb contains more than enough product for my thick, above shoulder-length hair, leaving me with the option of saving half for another time. My advice is to make sure you avoid applying it to your roots. Also, rinse very thoroughly, otherwise your hair may end up looking greasy rather than glossy.

After testing out both FLABOIS products, I wholeheartedly recommend both the Milk Bomb and the Milk Shake Hair Mist. The Milk Bomb is definitely more suited for those with damaged hair following the recommended use of 2-3 times a week, and once every week for those with relatively healthy hair. The Milk Shake Hair Mist in my opinion is suitable for everyday use and all hair types. Even healthy hair requires regular care and appropriate treatments to maintain its shine!

Have you tried these babies? Comment below and let know how it went for you!

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