How to Marie Kondo Your Beauty Collection

“Does it spark joy?” 

If you read Marie Kondo’s bestselling book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” or watched her Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” you know what this phrase means. If not, then you’ve got some catching up to do!

For those who have no idea who I’m talking about: Marie Kondo is a Japanese organization guru who gives tips on how to transform your home into a minimalist, clutter-free space. Marie’s popular method for organizing your belongings, known as the KonMari Method, consists of gathering everything you own and only keeping the things that “spark joy” in your life.

With the growing popularity of Marie’s Netflix show, she has inspired people around the world to declutter their lives. You may have come across people Marie Kondo-ing their wardrobes or kitchen shelves, but this post is dedicated to tidying up your beauty collection. Follow these six steps and bring your organizing skills to a whole new level!

Step 1: Commit to it

The first step to getting things in order is to commit to doing so. More often than not, we procrastinate before we even start cleaning. Yes, it’s a big commitment to make because it takes up a lot of your time and energy. But it’s worth it.

You know you’ll have to get it done at some point so there’s no point in delaying or making excuses – just set a date and be productive! Personally, I prefer scheduling a cleaning session on an early Sunday morning so that I can keep the rest of the day free – also, it makes me feel like I can start the week right. Once you get through the first step, the rest will be a breeze!

Step 2: Grab everything you own

Before you start organizing, grab everything you own and lay everything out. First, start cleaning your products; you’d be surprised at how much dust your products collect overtime! Don’t forget to give your makeup brushes a good cleaning. If you’ve got organizers or boxes, wipe them down as well.

When your shelves, drawers and organizers are empty, you’ll have a better idea of how you want your products organized. Throwing all your products together also gives you a chance to take a good look at what you own, and what you currently use and don’t use. This is an opportunity to reflect on and evaluate your shopping habits – are you an impulse buyer or a practical shopper? Do you really need 20 different types of face cream or lip balm?

Step 3: Let go


This is the hardest step of all – letting go. It’s where Marie Kondo’s “spark joy” test comes into play. Marie recommends going through each and every item you own and asking yourself, “Does it spark joy?” If the answer’s yes, then keep it. If the answer’s no, then it’s probably time to toss it.

Get rid of products that once upon a time seemed great but you now no longer use or completely forgot about. Also, unlike clothes, beauty products don’t last very long. Each product has a shelf life so throw away expired items as they won’t be doing your skin any good once they’re past their prime date! Stop holding on to that two-year-old mascara or that shattered eye shadow palette. Let go of products that you swore you’d get around to using, but never got the chance to, and now it’s too late.

Step 4: Categorize your products

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After the process of purging products that no longer spark joy, it becomes easier to organize your products that do. The best way to tidy up, according to Marie, is to categorize everything.

When it comes to beauty, you can separate your products into different sections, including skin care, makeup and extras like hair and body products. The easiest way to organize your products is to stack them on acrylic trays or organizers. If you have drawers, you can also buy small trays to place inside so you can spread your products out.

Arrange your products according to type or even color, which make them prettier to look at. For instance, you can display your collection of lipsticks, lip liners and eye shadows according to color. If you have a huge collection of lip products, another way is to categorize them according to their finishes such as sheer, matte, satin, frost or glossy.

For the rest of your collection, you can fill each drawer with a different type of makeup – like one for foundation, one for eye shadows or eyeliners, and one for cheek products. It’s also neater if you place your makeup brushes in a proper holder.

As for other items like makeup wipes, travel bags, travel-sized products or cleaning kits, store them in a separate drawer.

Step 5: Save a space for your daily go-to’s

While you tidy up your extensive beauty collection, reserve a space for your everyday products. Whether it’s on a separate vanity table or on a top shelf, your most frequently used products should be placed up front so they’re a lot easier to grab.

I personally like to line up my current skin care products in the order in which I use them. That saves me time when reaching for them, especially during my morning routine. It’s efficient and I don’t have to think twice about what I’ll be using!

Step 6: Decorate your vanity

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After clearing away the clutter and putting everything in its place, it’s time to do a little decorating. Though an optional step, it’s one worth doing, especially if you want your space to look more appealing or personalized. Add a mirror, portable humidifier, diffuser or plants – it’s totally up to you. But remember not to go overboard with the decorations as the point is to keep your space neat and organized.

There you have it, six simple steps to Marie Kondo your beauty collection. Once you’re done, you can also start organizing your closet, kitchen, bathroom or any other spaces in your home.

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Another great thing about Marie’s organizing tips is that you can practice it anywhere and not just in the comfort of your home. If you have vacation plans for the upcoming spring or Easter break, consider Marie Kondo-ing your luggage for fuss-free packing! Instead of dumping all your beauty products in a Ziploc, store them in a makeup organizer bag. You can do the same with toiletries and skin care items. I also tend to lose my earrings while traveling so having a handy compact jewelry organizer keeps them in place.