The K-Pop Idol Who Defines Your Zodiac Sign’s Look (Part One)

Signs & Attires

Seeking a look that truly represents your astral qualities? We can take inspiration from the K-Pop idols we love and share a zodiac sign with. Have you ever wondered what qualities these idols have that captivate their audience? Find out which truly embodies the look of their sun zodiac sign and why!

Pisces: Yeri @Red Velvet

(March 5, 1999)

Left : Instagram @redvelvet.smtown ; Right: “Power Up” MV, 2018

Pisces are easily affected by their surroundings. If there’s negativity in the air, they’ll definitely pick up on it – which is why they often escape into their own worlds. In contrast to her sweet looks, Yeri has been described by the other members of Red Velvet as having the ability to “say whatever she wants.” Such straightforwardness is not often stereotyped as a Piscean quality, but Yeri’s fearlessness and strong sense of self are undeniable qualities for the nonchalant water sign.

With porcelain-like skin, softly brushed straight brows, and dolly eyelashes, Yeri’s look emanates an airiness that matches the dreamy nature of Pisces. Still, her look would not be complete without a dash of color on the lips, which is Yeri’s way of channeling her sign’s inner vividness.


Aries: Lisa @BlackPink

(March 27, 1997)

Left : Instagram @lalalalisa_m ; Right: “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” MV, 2018

No one is ever bored when sharing the room with an Aries! Onstage she’s sassy and alluring, while offstage she’s bubbly and mischievous with a boyish demeanor. As the face of moonshot, Lisa promotes her agency YG Entertainment and its unique aesthetics, which goes side-by-side with her bold qualities.

Lisa rocks peach and coral tones for lipsticks that are versatile and playful (Just like her personality!), and they also complement the radiance of her skin. Lisa’s choice of eyeliner varies depending on the occasion, but most of the time she is seen wearing a clean and subtle look on her top lash-line, while her lower lash-line boasts an understated slept-in and smudged look. The essence of her charming eyes is highlighted by a palette of near-nude eyeshadows, and let’s not forget about her Barbie-like eyelashes that are never absent!


Taurus: Sunmi

(May 2, 1992)

Left : Instagram @miyayeah; Right: “Gashina” MV, 2017

With a recognizable sharp, piercing gaze as well as sultry and captivating dance moves, Sunmi truly embraces all the prominent qualities of a Taurus – independent, artistic and tasteful. There’s always a glamorous glow on Sunmi whether onstage or off.

On “Style Follow,” an SBS TV program, the Korean artiste revealed what’s inside her personal makeup bag. The items that Sunmi can’t forget when leaving home are long-wearing cushions and color-correcting concealers for regular touch ups. She prefers to wear a full lip look in either natural-looking hues or bold reds, which she wears with a concealer as a base to bring out the lipstick’s true color potential. She also mentioned that she prefers using stick blushers for their convenience and ease of application. Finally, she doesn’t feel the same without a subtle rosy color on her cheeks for a touch of natural femininity.


Gemini: HyunA

(June 6, 1992)

Left : Instagram @hyunah_aa; Right: “Lip & Hip” MV, 2017

Geminis are a mix of intriguing personalities in one; sometimes they are both calm and devoted, but they can switch to a witty and chatty persona almost instantaneously. Iconic and sexy, HyunA is known onstage for her cool and risqué demeanor, while offstage she’s been described as kind yet loud by best friend LE from EXID.

HyunA truly possess Gemini’s duality and unapologetic attitude. On HyunA’s Instagram account, she’s often seen wearing various styles of clothing, ranging from vintage dresses, oversized jackets and colorful knits to kitsch and figure-hugging tops. This seemingly chaotic but expressive way of presenting herself suits the curious nature of a Gemini. For K-Pop idols, going without makeup is a rarity, but HyunA is not afraid of flaunting her glowing skin on social media, with muted eyebrows and lashes that match her dyed hair, juxtaposed with a neon-like lip color.


Cancer: Seohyun @Girls’ Generation

(June 28, 1991)

Both images: Instagram @seojuhyun_s

As the maknae (the youngest member) of Girls’ Generation, Seohyun was known in her younger years as innocent and shy, yet reserved and strong-willed. Today, she’s become more confident and open-minded, flaunting class and elegance as she flourishes an air of timeless femininity symbolized by her zodiac sign.

Seohyun usually wears pink, which goes well with her fair skin to accentuate certain parts of her features. A soft undereye shadow draws out the definition of her pupils to highlight her beautiful dolly eyes. Meanwhile, she wears a more vivid version of this on her lips in a creamy and satin-like finish that also translates to her cheeks for a natural flush. By wearing a matching lips-and-cheeks look, Seohyun gives off a consistent girliness matching her pretty and feminine image.


Leo: Hwasa @Mamamoo

(July 23, 1995)

Left : Instagram  @mamamoo_official ; Right: “TWIT” MV, 2019

Bold, confident and never shying from the limelight, Hwa Sa possesses a stage presence and charisma that sum up her sun sign, Leo, almost too perfectly. Hwa Sa’s magnetic and powerful aura seems to bear similarities to that of the young Madonna, who was the 80’s Queen of Pop as well as a fellow Leo.

Hwa Sa’s makeup takes inspiration from R&B and 90’s trends, owning voluminous, dramatic eyelashes and soft angled brows along with smoky eyes in softer hues, which she finishes with signature cat eye and undereye flicks. On TVPP’s reality TV show “I Live Alone,” Hwa Sa demonstrated how she does her everyday makeup, starting with setting her foundation, followed by eye makeup and then almost like a painter’s finishing touch, she adds her trademark beauty spot with a fine-tip brush liner. Instead of contouring, she opts for bronzer to finish, while alternating between fierce red and mauve tones for her sexy matte lips.


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