The Young and Sexy Tiffany

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Stephanie Young Hwang has had a great start to 2019; she was shortlisted for iHeart Radio Music’s Best Solo Breakout category and was also one of three K-pop stars who appeared in MTV’s documentary Homecoming. And, she just released her much-anticipated album Lips On Lips. But more than a decade ago, I knew her as Tiffany from a girl group called Girls’ Generation, also known as SNSD.

Considered a part of the second generation of K-pop, Girls’ Generation released many hits over the years and the group’s success truly paved the way for the genre to thrive both domestically and internationally. Since her rookie days, Tiffany has had a likeable girlish appeal and, with her iconic “eye smile,” she was an idol that made her way into many hearts.

Tiffany always had an interest in fashion and possesses a strong individual style that can be described as bohemian with an elegant minimalist twist. Her style might be minimal and girly at a glance, but upon a closer look, her outfits are curated with an emphasis on small details. Hence, when styling Tiffany, I’ve chosen close-to-monochromatic pieces with small intricate details that exude the same effortless feminine grace that the singer always oozes.

Ruffled Dress & Crocheted Jacket

We all know that Tiffany has always wanted to be a Disney princess – The Little Mermaid, to be exact. So I made the singer’s look fit for the beach. To emulate the elegant flow of a gown for a casual look, I styled her in a ruffled dress designed with a hi-low hem. Since Tiffany is drawn to romantic figure-hugging silhouettes, I styled her with a dress filled with delicate details from tonal shank buttons and ruffled embellishments to a bustier style neckline.

Further accentuating Tiffany’s feminine bohemian aesthetic, I paired the dress with a loose-fit crocheted lightweight jacket – perfect for beachside strolls. The billowy gathered sleeves also complement the dress’ sleeves and its loose structure.

Asymmetrical Earrings & Chain Belt

The singer wears many accessories but, as to not overcrowd her petite stature, her accessories tend to be small and delicate. These gold-tone dangling earrings complement the dress’ asymmetrical cut while their translucent orbs provide an understated touch. Once again bringing in elements of the ocean, I’ve encircled her waist with a sleek chain belt embellished with faux pearl tips and a rhinestone encrusted floral amulet.

Layered Necklaces

I’ve layered three gold-tone necklaces together, one designed with a tonal beaded choker and a disc, and the others with faux pearl and cut-out Earth pendants. All necklaces cascade down Tiffany’s décolletage, drawing attention to the dress which continues through the tonal circular shank buttons, in turn creating an illusion of a sleeker silhouette.

To point out the obvious, I’ve chosen a faux pearl necklace to complement the belt and an Earth pendant necklace because we all know that Tiffany is a superstar who’s going to take over the world!

Embroidered Handbag, Nude Strappy Heels & Heart Sunglasses

I’ve always thought that muted greens make gold tones look even more luxurious, an adjective I associate Tiffany with, and that is the case with this floral embroidered handbag set against an embossed gold-toned handle.

Throughout the look, I’ve chosen other accompanying pieces to lengthen her body. That’s why I’ve also picked trusty nude-colored strappy heels – something that Tiffany often wears as they do a great job at adding a minimal elegant touch to her look while seamlessly elongating her silhouette.

This whole outfit is feminine and elegant, and encapsulates the singer’s vibe, but SONE’s (SNSD’s official fan club name) know that Tiffany can be playful as well. Having worn them on and off camera, Tiffany sports gradient sunglasses that not only take in the main colors of the outfit but also bring out the cute vibes we’ve all seen and loved from her throughout these years.

Which K-pop idol should we style next? Comment below!

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