JAYJUN Green and Roselle Tea Eye Gel Patch Review

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February is drawing to a close, which means that a sixth of the year has passed and therefore, you should have completed the same proportion of your 2019 resolutions. Sadly this isn’t the case for me. I’ve had many sleepless nights trying to accomplish my goals and now I’ve got large eye bags that don’t seem to be going anywhere.

In my search for quick relief of these ghastly dark circles, I came across JAYJUN’s Green and Roselle Tea Eye Gel Patches. Perhaps these will lead to me coming to work looking less like a zombie and more like a member of the legion of the living.


I’m not going to lie, I usually choose products based on their overall visual appeal. I’ve chosen this product based on, once again, its #shelfworthy look and its high customer ratings at YesStyle.

The Eye Gel Patch is conveniently designed with a separate cover inside, where a plastic spatula fits perfectly and the 30 pairs of patches are hygienically stored underneath. It also comes with a mini leaflet detailing its recommended use in pictures, which is really handy because I rarely read directions.

Scent & Texture

Both the Green and Roselle Tea versions have small specks of tea leaves and roses infused in the patches, but like most hydrogel patches, the texture is smooth and gelatinous. The pink essence is less thick than its green counterpart and adheres better on my skin. Being an impatient kind, I tend to move and fidget a lot when I mask. The green one shifted quite a bit and perhaps due to its heavy essence consistency, dried a lot slower than the pink one.

It’s recommended to place the patches on your skin for 20-30 minutes but I prefer using them for 15-20 minutes. The pink one started to dry out by the 10-minute mark while the green patch was still quite moist after 20 minutes.

True to its ingredients, the soothing green tea eye gel patch unsurprisingly smells like green tea. However, the roselle tea eye gel patch is infused with extracts from not only roses but also from orange flowers, plumeria, magnolia and hibiscus. This makes it smell like a mixture of all of the extracts, and is surprisingly mild and pleasant.

Eye Bags & Rosacea

I love taking scalding showers even though it always aggravates my rosacea. The Green and Roselle Tea Eye Gel Patches have a few similar benefits due to shared ingredients like niacinamide, sodium hyaluronate and allantoin. Both gel patches successfully lifted my dark under eye circles and, during their 15-minute use, left a cooling effect.

I used the soothing green version first and after three uses, my eye bags were less visible. Enriched with anti-oxidant botanical extracts such as green tea, peony, Irish moss and many more, it definitely helped in evening out my skin tone.

The rose version brightened my complexion and the effects were more immediate after one use. The floral extracts in the eye gel patch are attributed with moisturizing as well as soothing skin and the redness in my cheeks dissipated much quicker as well.

Final Verdict

Before using either product, I predicted that I would prefer the green tea version knowing that the extracts are often used to combat eye bags and redness. Strangely enough, I prefer the rose tea version. The lightweight essence infused in the gel patch suited and brightened my skin. It also adhered better than the green one, which is an added bonus since my productivity levels oddly tend to skyrocket once I have something stuck on my face. Also, even though I have oily skin, the moisturizing rose tea didn’t create excess oil but instead refreshed my skin.

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