Chit Chat with Vivekatt

Vivekatt is an Instagram influencer-turned-YouTuber who demonstrates impressive application techniques for themed-makeup.

Vivekatt started using Instagram as a platform to express her creativity in makeup, and after countless requests from her followers, she finally caved in and started a YouTube channel. Her social media channels have grown tremendously over the years; she currently receives love from over 380,000 subscribers on YouTube and 201,000+ followers on Instagram.

Reflecting her passion for video-making, Vivekatt’s YouTube channel continues to get hits from fans who enjoy watching her tutorials on creating bold and face-transformational makeup looks. Some of her popular videos include: How To Look Like a K-Pop Star: CL, How To Go From Potato To Badass, and Cleopatra Makeup Tutorial.

Your themed-makeup tutorials look amazing! Where do you get your inspiration from?

This answer might be boring, but as any creative mind in the world, I get inspiration from my everyday life. It can be online, offline, nature, food, clothing patterns, and movies! For example, this look with bold blue eye shadow and red lips is inspired by Ursula from ”the little mermaid”. Ursula might be a villain but she sure has a very interesting choice of color when it comes to her makeup look!

What are your favorite and not-so-favorite parts of being a content creator for IG/YouTube?

My favorite part of being a content creator is that I get to easily share my creativity with plenty of people online who also have the same interest! It’s never been a better time to be online. If you have anything that you are good at, or even bad at, you can share it online and with a simple click, you might find friends, or even help someone. Whenever I get a DM or a comment where someone says that my video made their day, or if my video helped them in any way, it makes my day as well! I’m very happy to know that the content I create can help others. It’s an amazing feeling.

However, my not-so-favorite part of being a content creator is that anyone can comment and say anything about you. It can be very mean sometimes. Since I’m the kind of person who cares a lot about others’ feelings, the mean comments can really get in my head sometimes. Also there are always people who do not respect your privacy; they don’t see you as a real person. Those are the downsides of being a content creator but, I’m always trying to find ways to deal with them.

As someone who mostly creates content around beauty, how has your beauty style evolved over the years?

As a teenager, I was very insecure. Makeup helped me to gain some confidence. It’s like when you have pimples, you might feel insecure about them and it affects your actions IRL, but when your skin looks good, you feel more confident. That’s how makeup worked for me.

During that time, I loved face-transformational makeup.

But throughout the years, I have found confidence in myself; makeup is not something I need to feel confident anymore. You know how people like playing games because it’s relaxing and fun? That’s kind of how makeup is for me – I find it relaxing and fun. I love creating different looks. In fact, I often go out without makeup nowadays. I would never do that when I was a teenager. Now I love a good natural makeup look that enhances your natural beauty.

Do you have any beauty resolutions for 2019?

Yes! I want to take better care of my skin. Also if you have seen my makeup tutorials, you know how I love false eyelashes, and I barely have any natural hair on my eyebrows. I want to grow out my real eyelashes and eyebrows, so I don’t feel like I need to fill in my brows or need any false lashes to complete my looks.

I have tried a lot of makeup from mainstream brands, and also indie brands that are already popular online. But if I could try makeup around the world that’s more local, meaning it’s not available here in normal stores like at Sephora, for example, then that would be interesting.

What are your travel plans for the year?

I’m ethnically Chinese, my hometown is Beijing. Whenever I visit my home country, I always stay in Beijing to visit my grandparents. However, I haven’t been to many other cities in China, and there are so many parts of the country I haven’t seen yet that I would love to visit.

I want to see more of America as well! 2018 was the year I first visited America. I was only in New York though. It was very different and exciting. I would love to visit more parts of America, like L.A. or Las Vegas.

All images: @vivekatt 

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