Sign Compatibility: The Perfect Valentine’s Date

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Whether you’re single, taken or in an “it’s complicated” situation, there’s no reason not be treated to a perfect date. Before dropping hints to your significant other, or arranging a get together with your BFFs, let’s find out who can truly make your day special!

Let’s not overlook your moon sign when checking sign compatibility – in astrology, your moon and sun signs are what sculpt your personality and attitude towards life! Ever wondered why you, a Libra, are happily married to a Cancer despite rivalling tendencies? There could be something in your natal chart to explain the surprising compatibility; in some cases it’s the complementing moon signs that counter the clashing qualities of both sun signs. If you don’t feel that your sun readings relate to you as much, give your moon horoscopes a whirl!

Fire Signs: “It has to be fun”

Aries , Leo , Sagittarius


A fire sign with another fire sign makes a dynamic duo! While sharing great enthusiasm and honesty, they can be rather uncompromising when faced with major decision-making.

Aries is BFFS with Leo and Sagittarius, but often asks Libra for advice and sees Scorpio as problematic but irresistible mainly due to sharing Mars as their ancient guardian planet.

Leo partners well with Aries’ assertiveness and Sagittarius’ humor, adores Gemini’s fun-loving attitude, and finds Aquarius to have many surprising similarities.

Sagittarius is always up for a bit of fun with Leo and Aries, loves to giggle with Aquarius, and enjoys in-depth conversations with Pisces, who also shares Jupiter as their ancient ruling planet.

Places to go:  Festivals, fairgrounds, arcades and cultural markets.

What’s a good date for fire signs? Frankly, many outdoor activities will be right up their alleys. Aries shines when there’s good competition – a target shooting stall at a pop-up fairground with attractive prizes is likely to grab their interest.

Comparably, Leo demands your full attention especially on dates; therefore it’s important to let them showcase their best. For instance, if Leo is an avid ice skater, an ice rink date is sure to set the mood right. On the contrary, Sagittarius enjoys being immersed in diversity. Aim to explore carnivals and pop-up markets to find an authentic experience together.

Tip: February can be rather chilly, so ensure to keep warm! Scarves, gloves, hats and a cute but warm jacket are always recommended to keep fire signs from the cold.


Earth Signs: “Simple but atmospheric”

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


An earth sign is naturally attracted to the fine tastes and stability of a fellow earth sign, but things can become monotonous when a fixed routine is always demanded.

Taurus feels at ease with the pleasing company of Virgo and Capricorn, shares similar relationship values with Cancer, and matches well with Scorpio’s sensuality.

Virgo rarely has conflicts with Taurus and Capricorn, finds Gemini fun, and is well understood by Pisces.

Capricorn sees Virgo and Taurus as their soulmates, shares mutual affection with Cancer, and somehow always agrees to go along with Aquarius’ fiascos.

Places to go: His or her place, or a quiet restaurant, garden or park.

Earth signs like to be pampered with a senses-provoking experience, and so it’s crucial to create a relaxing yet romantic atmosphere for the perfect date. Taurus likes a bit of luxury in their life, but that doesn’t mean splurging at Michelin-star restaurants. A homemade candle-lit dinner, finished with wine and a chocolate fondue can also be luxurious.

However, Virgo’s ideal date should include efforts towards emotional bonding, building trust, or stimulating each other’s minds – like a joint pre-dinner session of meditation or yoga, or a simple heart-to-heart. Likewise, Capricorns give the impression that extravagance is the only way to woo them, but in fact, a well-planned picnic under the starry night is just as lovely – but remember to bring wine. 😉

Tip: A romantic atmosphere is achievable with thoughtful decor and pleasing aromas to invigorate a soothing mood as well as any earth signs’ senses.


Air Signs: “The surprise element”

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


Air signs are extremely compatible with one another, but their impracticalities may lead to little or no progress in any plans.

Gemini’s dream team consists of Libra and Aquarius, but they see Virgo as an equal intellect and likes to go on adventures with Sagittarius.

Libra is besties with Aquarius and Gemini, but secretly admires Aries’ decisiveness and shares Taurus’ taste in beauty.

Aquarius is in sync with Gemini and Libra, loves hanging out with Sagittarius, and clicks with Leo’s open-mindedness.

Places to go: Concerts, museums, treks or artsy workshops.

Air sign expectations are what set the mainstream definition of a “romantic date.” A socially accepted and widely standardized date itinerary can’t go wrong, but to make the day special, a surprise twist is called for. Gemini loves whatever’s trending, but a dinner-then-movie night is far from winning the twin’s heart – add a leisure bike tour and witty board games to the formula for an enlightening date.

Similarly, Libra loves a bit of learning and romancing on a date – cultural activities like visiting a local exhibition, gallery or museum followed by live music with dinner will end the date perfectly. Being creative souls, Aquarius should be encouraged to exert their boundless creativity at an arts workshop. End the date with a cozy outdoor screening of their favorite rom-com as a surprise twist.

Tip: Shhh, don’t let the air signs know what the date itinerary is, but tell them to wear something nice and comfortable!


Water Signs: “Heartfelt memories”

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


Water signs make great company for each other, but being constantly wary of one another’s emotions can become stressful and tiring.

Cancer treats Scorpio and Pisces as companions, admires Capricorn’s stability, and resonates with Taurus’s attitude towards life.

Scorpio is close to Cancer and Pisces, agrees with Taurus, and finds Aries electrifying.

Pisces gets on really well with Cancer and Scorpio, gets Virgo, and can chat with Sagittarius for hours.

Places to go: Home, villa, resort or anywhere private.

How to make a water sign feel special? Water signs romanticize little heartfelt moments, so laying your feelings bare to bond with them emotionally is a major thumbs up. Cancers genuinely enjoy a bit of Netflix-and-chill – instead of takeout dinners, a delicious home cooked meal made with combined effort will really spark things up!

While Scorpios like to feel special on big dates, what’s better than a 3-day getaway at a relaxing spa trip to pamper them? Like Cancer, Pisces finds small gestures extremely romantic. Whether it’s watching the sunset from the balcony or slow dancing to jazz music at home, Pisces will find sharing goofy yet intimate experiences the best way to spend Valentine’s.

Tip: Memories are best kept in your hearts, but reminiscing over coffee and a photo journal of your adventures together adds to the sweetness even more.


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