Excuse Me, Here’s BTS Jimin’s Got Jam Winter Wear

Style FilesThe Korean boy band BTS had an amazing 2018, breaking many international records and achieving many firsts. They ended the year with another achievement when their member Jimin’s surprise release of his solo song, Promise, broke Canadian rapper Drake’s record for the most streams on SoundCloud within 24 hours.

Since he’s the most requested idol to be featured on Style Files, I feel it’s only right to welcome the year of the pig with Jimin, who was born in 1995. Having ranked 25th on TC Candler’s list of “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018,” Jimin’s visuals leave us all, for the lack of a better word, shook. Of course along with his cute and lovable face, his fashion sense is always on full display. Jimin recently shocked fans when he debuted his purple hair at the Seoul Music Awards and so I’ve taken the hue for inspiration by mixing warm and cool tones for his outfit.

Coat & Hoodie

BTS’ main dancer is often seen wearing dark tailored coats. However, I’ve chosen to style him in a brown oversized piece as this showcases his warm and vibrant personality more. To complement the coat’s hue, a hoodie is layered underneath for a comfy touch that also softens the transition between the warmer tones of the outerwear and the cooler blue of the turtleneck.

Turtleneck Top & Distressed Jeans

I’ve used Jimin’s favorite colors, blue and black, as the contrasting cooler tones. The K-pop idol prefers warm and sunny weather, but he still looks chic and comfortable in his winter staple: turtlenecks. Paired with the blue ribbed top are extremely distressed jeans to add contrast to the clean and minimal structure of the coat.

Socks & Sneakers

Since he’s affectionately called Jiminie or ChimChim by BTS members and ARMY’s due to his sweet nature and chubby cheeks, it’s only fitting for vibrant colors to grace Jimin’s outfit. This time, I’ve opted to match his socks with his top and jeans. The blue, black and green striped socks add pattern and create a gradated feel to the bottom half of the look. Vibrant yellow sneakers may not be in Jimin’s usual repertoire but it’s the color of his BTS21 character, Chimmy. Plus, the sneakers are comfortable and feature unique details for this former modern dancer.

Beanie & Earrings

Like his hyung RM and the rest of BTS, Jimin likes to accessorize. RM’s go-to hat might be bucket hats but Jimin’s are beanies. In the same color as his socks and top, the beanie perfectly complements his purple hair. A fashionista in his own right, he’s been known to rock earrings since his heavily hip hop-style debut days. I’ve chosen black studs and hoops accented with asymmetrical chains to complete his outfit.


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