Heimish Varnish Velvet Lip Tints Review

The YesStyle Beauty Lab

Lipsticks are the first type of makeup that I ever fell in love with. In fact, I never leave my apartment without applying lipstick, even if I’m just going out to run errands or taking a short trip to the supermarket. You can truly never have enough lippies!

Some new products I’ve added to my never-ending lipstick collection are the Varnish Velvet Lip Tints from heimish.

The Varnish Velvet Lip Tints come in six different colors that are available individually, or you can get five of the colors as a set, which is what I opted for. Getting the set is worth it if you enjoy experimenting with different shades like I do. Or you can gift it to someone who is obsessed with lip tints, too.

The lip tints are housed in a square package with a matte texture. The package design has a very modern and minimalist feel to it – which I love since I’m all about simplicity. The cap on each lip tint shows the color inside the tube. The lip tints are also small enough to fit in your everyday makeup bag or even your “going out” bag.

The color range is gorgeous! The colors accommodate and complement different complexions and skin undertones. For your reference, I have a medium to tan skin tone with warm and olive undertones.

Here’s a breakdown of each lip tint:

#01 Cherry Tomato Red: A bright orange-red shade that suits fair skin and people with cool undertones.

#02 Peach Coral: A soft, warm coral shade that adds radiance to all skin tones. The color also happens to match the Pantone Color of the Year 2019, Living Coral, so it’s the perfect time to flaunt it!

#03 Scarlet Pink: A muted shade of pink that looks good on all undertones (warm, cool and even neutral). It’s also an ideal go-to color for everyday wear.

#04 Fuchsia Pink: A cool-toned bright hot pink that looks flattering on deeper skin tones. Reach for this lip tint if you want to add a super vibrant pop of color to your look. Go bold or go home!

#05 Dry Rose: A slightly deeper hue of pink with a warm brown undertone. If brown and pink were to have a baby, it would look like this perfect hue!

As much as I loved all five colors and wanted to have all of them complement my complexion, only two out of the five lip tints suit my skin tone best  – #03 Scarlet Pink and #05 Dry Rose – which also happen to be my favorites. Since I have warm undertones, I find that deeper shades like purple-toned lip colors look better on my skin.

It’s hard for me to pull off #01 Cherry Tomato Red and #04 Fuchsia Pink as they don’t contrast well against my tan skin; I reckon they’d best suit cooler undertones. #02 Peach Coral is a shade that I had never actually worn before since I always assumed that I wouldn’t be a fan of it. But it actually turns out to be a really beautiful color, especially for summer, so I’m definitely going to be saving it for upcoming beach days!

The color pay-off of the Varnish Velvet Lip Tints is amazing too. One coat is enough, but I prefer a bold lip look so I like to apply two coats. They glide on pretty smoothly and give a very lightweight, velvety finish. I also like that the lip tints are moisturizing; they’re formulated with lavender, rosemary and tea tree extracts to keep lips hydrated all day. I always apply lip balm before applying lipsticks, but with these I can get moisturized lips sans the lip balm.

Lip tints don’t normally stay on my lips for long, especially if I don’t use a lip liner, but these lip tints don’t disappear for at least half a day! They have long-lasting staying power but if you have a habit of licking your lips, I suggest you pair these with a lip liner.