Outerwear from J-Drama “Weakest Beast”

Weakest Beast may not be the most popular J-drama from 2018 but it has attracted a group of fans who prefer more relatable stories over melodramas. The 10-episode drama aired from October 10 to December 12 on Nippon TV, and centers around 30-year-old Akira Shinkai (Yui Aragaki), who’s too dutiful and considerate in both her work and love life. She meets a seemingly mean and selfish accountant Kosei Nemoto (Ryuhei Matsuda) at a craft beer bar, and the two find solace in each other as they battle their everyday struggles.

Being the unintended role model of the office, Akira never fails to dress professionally but not boringly. She flaunts her skills in layering outfits during the course of events that happen in winter. Here’s a sum-up of all the outerwear she wears on and off duty!

WARNING: If you haven’t seen the drama, watch out for spoilers below!

Drama stills from NTV

1. Smart Blazer

Akira often wears a hip-length monochrome blazer to work. She owns these blazers in nude pink, baby blue, moss-green, black and white, and with or without lapels and pockets. The structured silhouette and minimalist open front or single-button closure help shape her image as a capable woman. Nonetheless, she never forgets to soften and enliven her look with wide-leg or drop-crotch pants in warm hues such as yellow, muted orange, army green, teal and baby blue. The high-waist cut of her pants complements the blazer perfectly and shows off her slender figure (Yui Aragaki is 1.69m tall, which is considered quite tall for a Japanese woman).

2. Biker Jacket

In episode 2, Akira tries to express her discontentment by dressing up for work like a tough rebel. She wears oversized shades, a black biker jacket, a fringed mesh top, a bold patchwork skirt and studded two-tone boots. I don’t think showing up in the office like this is a good idea unless you work in the creative industry. Even so, this richly layered outfit has a lot of character and grunge appeal. It’s impeccable if you want to get some attention!

3. Collarless Midi Coat

Akira’s collarless coats are perfect as the outermost layer for colder months. The streamlined cuts follow Japanese minimalist aesthetics, and the soft materials look lightweight and ultra-cozy. I also love how Akira pairs her off-white coats with midnight blue and gray clothing. The palette is very regal and wintry.

4. Notched Lapel Midi Coat

Akira makes an important decision in her love life wearing this notched lapel coat. She pulls it off with a white rib-knit sweater, a tonal collarless blouse and mustard yellow pants. In another scene, she layers it with a nude pink blazer and a black top. The tailored cut of the coat offers just the right amount of structure, which is softened by its pastel hue.

5. Trench Coat

Akira wears this when she goes to a hilltop church with Kosei to seek “the sound of bells that strike a chord.” The coat’s relaxed fit allows for ease of movement as she walks uphill. She completes the outfit with a tonal tee and pants that give her a clean and calm look. The second time she wears a trench is when she pairs it with a stepped-hem sweater and a plaid scarf. This understated girl-next-door combo makes her look amiable and down-to-earth.

6. Fuzzy Coat

Akira wears two fuzzy coats in the final episode – a duck green fuzzy midi zip coat when she visits her friend Kureha, and a white cropped coat when she revisits the church with Kosei. With tactile fuzzy fabric and a structured silhouette, these two coats are a hybrid between a cardigan and a coat – combining the best of both worlds.

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