Styling Tips for Your Body Shape: Long Torso & Short Legs

If it doesn’t highlight the beauty of your figure, that gorgeous #OOTD from #styleinspos on your Instagram feed can be a challenge to wear. One thing we tend to neglect is that the girls we idolize on social media demonstrate what suits their body shapes best. It goes without saying that not everyone falls under the categories of hourglass, pear and apple body shapes. So before spending a fortune on a bunch of new clothes that do the opposite of flattering your figure, you need to identify your body proportions first.

For girls who have longer torsos, the length of your legs are usually shorter than the measurement taken from the tip of your scalp down to your hips. When bending your elbows, your waistline appears significantly lower than the curvature of your arm. The main concerns for dressing this body type are that most trousers end up being too long, even for the taller girls, while shirts are often too short.

It’s easy to get it wrong because one bad decision can exaggerate your figure in all the wrong ways! If you have a longer torso, remember the key to a flattering look is to appear vertically balanced, which can be achieved with good design and thoughtful styling.


1. High waists are must-haves

The first advice you’d want to keep for life, is to steer away from low rise and drop-waist designs. These types of bottoms are ill-fitting for your body shape, as they emphasize the length of your legs but in an unforgiving way. A high-waist design, on the other hand, creates the illusion that your legs start from your waistline, and this visually elongates your bottom half to balance out your proportions.

2. Always tuck in

You’re losing the purpose if you think a hip-length shirt or a long sweater over high-waist trousers is going to cut it. The point of wearing high-waist designs is to create a visually shorter waistline, and tucked-in tops and blouses are ideal for this. For loose-fitting bottoms, tuck in a tailored top for a neat and sleek finish. Meanwhile, blouses that are a little loose contrast well with fitted jeans to accentuate the higher waist.


3. Say hi to flares and A-Lines

For those who are less comfortable with their torsos, opt for A-line and fit-and-flare shapes. These two types of silhouettes avoid emphasis on your natural waistline and put the focus on a constructed hourglass outline instead. Flowy materials are even more flattering as they hide everything from the waist-below without taking away comfort and femininity.


4. Go monochrome with prints

Meet your BFFs in the wardrobe department – monochrome and all-over prints in a streamline silhouette are failsafe formulas to looking effortlessly fab! A seamless look can be created with clever prints and color continuity to elongate your legs, leaving an impression of a higher waistline. Choose your colors wisely and you can easily rock mega-goddess vibes with maxi-lengths and tiered skirts!


5. Woohoo peplums

If tucking in isn’t really your style, opt for peplum tops! A peplum top can add wonderful (and flattering) touches to your outfit, such as concealing your torso while accenting a feminine and narrow waistline, giving any casual look a game-changing finish. Focus on high-waistlines and cropped bodices with ruffled flairs – these kinds of tops can easily be worn with a pair of skinny jeans and look sophisticated with a fitted midi skirt. You can also spice them up with playful A-line shorts.


6. YES to cropped jackets

For breezier days that aren’t cool enough for knits, but a tad too chilly for going out in just a blouse, complete your look with a cropped jacket! Now that you’re getting the gist of rocking your long-torso friendly wardrobe, throw in foolproof jackets that are well shaped and end near your waist. You’ll find that they complement your high-waist trousers, A-line skirts and fit-and-flare dresses perfectly.


7. Eye-catching necklines

To make your long torso less noticeable, divert attention to your alluring neckline instead. Highlight your upper body with bold detailing and unusual designs! Be it an off-shoulder top, a statement necklace or an embellished collar, an interesting top can artfully enhance your outfit while complementing your body shape.


8. Shoes that elongate

In an ideal situation, sleek high heels are the perfect accessory to make you look taller and slimmer. But in a real world scenario, no one wants to prance around in stilettos all day. The winning formula to make your legs seem visually longer is to have footwear that blends almost seamlessly with your trousers, tights or gams. Low block heels are a great substitute for sexy high heels as they complement your work attire or occasion wear, while pointy pumps and flats can also have this effect by showing off more of your midfoot area.


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