MEMEBOX I’M MEME Valentine’s Look

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As a lover of all things beautiful (Who isn’t one?), I was immediately drawn to MEMEBOX I’M MEME’s packaging. From heart-shaped blush stamps to heart-shaped lip products, it’s difficult not to covet the brand’s cute cosmetics. We’re also nearing undeniably the most romantic month of the year – February – which obviously calls for a Valentine’s Day-inspired makeup look. If you don’t know what look to go for this coming Valentine’s, take a gander below. You may just want to steal mine!

Eyeshadow Palette & Brush Set

I chose the I’m Multi Cube in 003 All About Juicy Peach because I have a slight case of rosacea that’s more noticeable during the colder months. I used the I’m Mini Pink Brush Set along with the palette.

The eyeshadow palette is incredibly cute and comes in a convenient and small square package – great for people who don’t like carrying large palettes (like me). The four eyeshadow colors are conveniently embossed in the recommended steps. I used the eyeshadow brush for step 1, which is the base, and for step 2, some shimmer for the center of the lids. For step 3, I used the blending brush to add dimension. Finally, for step 4, I used the eyeshadow point brush on my lower lashes. The powder is soft and blends easily with a natural-looking finish. It also didn’t crease against my oily lids, which is great.

Underneath the eyeshadow palette is the blush, which gave me the biggest surprise! Using the shading brush, I applied the blush on the apples of my cheeks. The soft bristles blended the blush evenly, and the coral color complemented my underlying rosacea and didn’t look overdone.

Heart Stamp Blusher

Another product with fun and cute packaging is the I’m Heart Stamp Blusher. I used the shade 002 Crush On Coral which is perfect for 2019 Valentine’s Day as Living Coral is PANTONE ’S color of the year.

The heart stamp is definitely not that prominent but it’s a fun process nonetheless. I placed it near my lower lashes to complement the reddish hue of the eyeshadow and as a way to lift my cheekbones. Despite its initially wet and dewy feel, the blush dries quickly to a powdery finish – which is great news for my oily skin, but could be something to consider for you dry skin folks out there.

I’m Tic Toc Lip Balm & Lipstick

I love this lip product’s sleek and thin packaging because it perfectly fits into the holographic makeup bag. Shaped like a pen, it also has a click mechanism that dispenses the stick little by little. Be careful because once you’ve clicked it, it doesn’t go back in. This is highly satisfying for me since I detest having misshapen applicators, and having the product dispense small amounts of the stick ensures that the surface stays even.

The I’m Tic Toc Tint Lip Balm is in the shade 003 Mild Red, and has a mild fruity scent. Highly moisturizing, it gave my lips a natural juicy tint that looks perfect for a day date. I went for the shade 008 Brick Slip I’m Tic Toc Lipstick Satin for a date night look, and it’s now become my go-to color every day. It transitions easily from day to night plus the sleek and easy-to-apply applicator makes it especially handy for someone lazy like me. The color is not too dark and doesn’t make you look overdone even with heavy makeup.

How I Wore It

For my full Valentine’s Look, I accessorized with extra-large hoop earrings and a shearling-lined pink corduroy jacket for a chic and comfortable warm night out. I also wanted to match my lipstick with my nails so I painted them with 3CE’s Calm Yellow Pink nail lacquer, which I wrote a review about a couple months back! I went for a monochrome look to create a neat and polished feel without having to go the extra mile. Leave the heart unblended for Instagram purposes and blend it out when you actually go out.

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