What Your Zodiac Says About Your New Year Beauty Routine (Part Two)

Signs & Attires

Perhaps some of your New Year resolutions are related to beauty and wellness, but committing to a routine all year can be rather difficult. Picking up from part one part two looks at the remaining zodiacs and what changes they can make to their existing beauty routines.

If you haven’t figured out your rising sign yet, you can find out by creating a free natal chart! Your rising sign governs your appearance while your sun sign dictates your attitude to life. Check both for a more thorough analysis of your beauty and wellness!


Cancer: “Feel good every day”

Ruled by the moon, those born under Cancer are guided by emotions and sensitivity. Appearance and makeup are often a protective façade to shield them from the unfamiliar. Their caring and nurturing sides only come out when a connection or bond has been established.

For skin care, opt for gentle and soothing textures. Cancers seek comfort at home, and their beauty routine should be equally comforting. Try investing in good quality makeup tools as well – it’s nice to be pampered with softness every time you do your makeup!


Leo: “Natural all the way”

From flaunting super on-point makeup and healthy complexions to embracing clean eating and regular exercise, these bold lionesses have no trouble radiating confidence wherever they go. Once Leos set their minds toward a goal (especially concerning appearances), they stick to it fervently with unrivaled tenacity.

Leos are conscious of the body’s wellness, so why not apply this towards skin care too? For 2019, Leos will likely turn to natural products to enhance their glowing complexions. Switching to organic and natural products can help regulate and repair the skin for amazing long-term results.


Virgo: “Heal me”

Resourceful and kind Virgos are the healers among the zodiacs; however, their willingness to help others can lead to self-inflicted stress in the long run. No matter how tired they are, Virgos cannot tolerate looking under the weather, which is why they stick to certain skin care and makeup routines to ensure efficiency.

2019 calls for an upgrade to their beauty routines, starting with a major de-stressing of tired skin. Take up skin care remedies and treatments that focus on cell renewal; this helps to effectively restore radiance and boost the skin’s metabolism, keeping you flawless all year round.


Libra: “My face but better”

Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and relationships, Libras are fond of pretty things. Despite their ideals in beauty, Libras play safe when picking up new products to trial.

The advice for Libras this year: instead of overanalyzing everything, try nailing down your main concerns. Learn to reassess what’s right and what’s wrong for your skin by identifying and getting familiarized with the actual problems. With a little self-education on skin types and undertones, Libras should have no trouble narrowing down their collections and focusing on building a “my face but better” look.


Scorpio: “Wellness from within”

With water signs like Scorpio, there seems to be a constant struggle with keeping the skin’s moisture levels in balance. Such vulnerable states of imbalance are often the results of over-cleansing, irregular rest and stress. That’s no surprise – emotional problems find their way into the heads of these sensitive creatures all the time!

Try implementing aromatherapy and floral oils into your beauty regime. Learning to put aside troubling issues can be difficult in your day-to-day life, especially with skin troubles adding to the stress! Allow the skin to recover gradually by creating a soothing environment in your much needed me time and using fragrant oils to soften and nourish every inch of the body.


Sagittarius: “Herbs and all that jazz”

Naturally inquisitive Sagittarius are quick to pick up new it products, but their impatience often results in a drawer full of opened skin care items that rarely see the light of day. Because they move onto new fads and trends so quickly, this often cultivates many issues with the skin barrier.

Once a Sagittarius finds something that they really like, they’ll stick to it forever. Incorporating good old herbs into your dynamic routine is a way to keep your skin care grounded in a failsafe foundation. Herb-rich products come in many forms and are less likely to irritate the skin. Fret not, archers! You can still explore new territory to your heart’s content.


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