Lovelyz Model: Mijoo

Style Files

South Korean group Lovelyz debuted in 2014 with Girls’ Invasion. Among the eight members, I immediately zeroed in on the main dancer and vocalist Lee Mijoo. I’m usually drawn to a group’s main dancer (hence I’ve already covered Lisa from BlackPink and Seulgi from Red Velvet). I have no abilities to speak of in the dancing department so I’m constantly in awe of those who do.

Apart from being known as the most fashionable in Lovelyz, Mijoo has recently caught the attention of netizens for her goofy personality. Idols often stop by the car park before music shows to have their photos taken by fans and paparazzi alike, but no one poses and struts quite the way Mijoo does. Called “model Mijoo” by fans, she walks the car park like a runway and often showcases exaggerated poses and facial expressions.

Earrings & Choker

One of my favorite songs from Lovelyz is Triangle from their 2017 mini album Fall in Lovelyz. To pay a small homage, I’ve made the triangle shape one of the key features of her look. Plus, extra is Mijoo’s middle name so it only makes sense that she’s decked out in accessories. The gold-toned geometric hanging earrings are glamorous additions that bring in the warm tones of her top while the black choker mirrors the V-neck cut of the Henley.

Henley Top, Skinny Jeans & Biker Jacket

Despite having cute concepts for her group’s comebacks, Mijoo loves clothing that’s figure-hugging and exudes femme fatale vibes. A casual Henley top paired with everyone’s go-to skinny denim jeans perfectly accentuates her enviably proportioned body. To finish off the sexy chic outfit, a casually draped black faux leather jacket across the shoulders perfects model Mijoo’s look.

Pumps & Bag

Continuing with the triangle silhouette, I’ve styled the idol in her favorite strappy pumps. Although Mijoo usually goes for black colored ones, the cool gray tone creates a smoother transition with the jeans and doesn’t provide too much of a stark contrast. In Mijoo’s favorite color, the red bag features an envelope shape and lends itself to the overall geometric look. Both the pumps and bag are constructed in faux suede, tying in with the luxe feel of the jacket and her overall sexy persona.


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