Unmissable Beauty Trends from Pinterest 100

Following my previous article on women’s fashion trends from Pinterest 100, which highlights 100 upcoming trends from 2018 based on their popularity on Pinterest, this article focuses on beauty trends from the same list.

We get a pretty balanced portfolio this time: Out of these 10 major beauty trends, three are about hair color (including the two biggest ones), two look at manicures, and the rest cover eye and lip makeup as well as skin care. The bracketed numbers indicate each keyword’s year-on-year increase in saves or searches:

Leftmost images: Pinterest

1. Lilac Hair (+1077%)

The power of purple lingers despite Ultra Violet’s retirement from its Pantone Color of the Year status. The dreamy unicorn-inspired color works excellently with gray or brown for a two-tone or gradated look.
Keywords: Hair color, Hair products, Hair

2. Going Gray (+879%)

Have a few silvery strands? Fret not, coz people are actually falling in love with naturally gray hair!
Keywords: Gray hair, Hair color, Hair

3. Standout Lip Color (+467%)

A statement lip color is all you need to captivate the world.
Keywords: Lip color, Makeup style, Lip makeup, Lip products, Lipstick

4. Powder Dip Nails (+442%)

The latest technology in manicures, powder dip may require a few more steps than using nail polish, but the effect will last longer and it’s easier to remove.
Keywords: Nail art, Nail care, Nail design

5. Witch Hazel (+305%)

Witch hazel has long-proven its ability to soothe irritations. The flowering shrub is now making a great comeback as a skin care ingredient.
Keywords: Hair products, Skin care products

6. Almond Nails (+97%)

Named for their rounded shapes, almond nails are surging in popularity and earning an increasing number of practitioners.
Keywords: Nail art, Nail care, Nail design

7. Glossy Makeup (+89%)

Shine on with glossy lips and lids! Lip oils and clear glossy coatings on eye lids add a nourishing sheen to finish off your makeup.
Keywords: Creative makeup, Makeup techniques, Makeup

8. Liquid Exfoliator (+58%)

Liquid exfoliators using AHA, BHA and PHA gently and effectively buff away dead skin cells without hurting skin.
Keywords: Body exfoliant, Body scrub, Skin care products

9. Natural Lash Lifts (+52%)

Look to natural castor oil, grapeseed oil and aloe vera gel as a mascara base to nourish lashes and stimulate growth.
Keywords: Makeup techniques, Eyelashes, Mascara, Makeup

10. Cropped Bangs (+51%)

Just when you thought the fringe trend was over, it transforms into a just-above-brow crop that makes the cut.
Keywords: Haircut ideas, Hairstyles, Hair

Here’s the full list!

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