too cool for school Art Class Makeup Review

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When it comes to everyday makeup, I tend towards products that make me look as if I haven’t put on anything. Yes, I’m talking about a my-face-but-better makeup.

Famous for its Art Class By Rodin Shading pact, the too cool for school Art Class collection seems like it would suit me. To begin, I chose to try the Studio De Teint Liquid Satin SPF30 PA++ (#03 Ivory) liquid foundation, Concealed Crème (#03 Honey) cream concealer, Sfumato Dual Eyeshadow (#02 Endless Drawing), and the tri-colored Art Class By Rodin Blusher.

Why is it called Art Class?

At first, I thought the name “Art Class” was just a gimmick to make it sound more sophisticated, e.g. the Art Class By Rodin shading pact would sculpt your contour like a sculpting master and be easy to use even for amateurs. Only after carefully studying the packaging of each product did I realize the collection’s intention to teach us Western fine art, one lesson a time, with the different explanations on each packaging. Below are what I found on the 4 products I chose:

Studio De Teint Liquid Satin SPF30 PA++ (left) and Concealed Crème (right) were inspired by a canvas primer and a concealer cream famous in 1600s

Sfumato Dual Eyeshadow was inspired by the sfumato technique used in Leonardo Da Vinci’s reputed painting Mona Lisa

The art lesson from the blusher is a bit tricky – It’s concealed within the carton, meaning you’ll need to rip it open:

I really appreciate the concept and the effort! The foundation and blusher are also wrapped in soft brown paper sealed off with an Art Class sticker, which makes it feel more artsy.

Studio De Teint Liquid Satin SPF30 PA++ (#03 Ivory)

This satin version came out after the success of the Studio De Teint Liquid Air, which creates a more dewy finish. Like its predecessor, the satin version is also contained in a frosted glass pump bottle, but with a pink instead of blue label. It offers matte buildable coverage without looking dull or powdery thanks to its High-Ri Oil Complex. The lightweight texture sets and blends into your complexion within 3 seconds.

Studio De Teint Liquid Satin is available in 4 shades but they’re not the same as those from Liquid Air, which had the options of Porcelain, Ivory, Beige and Sand. Here are the swatches for Studio De Teint Liquid Satin:

Concealed Crème (#03 Honey)

The Concealed Crème is contained in a twist-cap glass jar and includes a mini beauty blender. The creamy texture allows it to conceal more visible dark spots, blemishes and dark circles. As a bonus, it has tea tree leaf extract to soothe skin and gluthione to brighten complexion. It’s available in 3 shades, which confusingly don’t correspond to the foundation in naming or numbering:

Sfumato Dual Eyeshadow (#02 Endless Drawing)

Sfumato Dual Eyeshadow is encased in a rectangular tin, very much like those for mint drops. Inside is a built-in mirror, a dual-colored palette and a dual-end sponge applicator. The round end is for applying the lighter base color, while the pointed end is for applying the darker point color.

The eyeshadow comes in 8 different palettes. #02 Endless Drawing has a slightly shimmery beige base color, and a more shimmery copper color for point makeup.

Art Class By Rodin Blusher

The palm-size mirrored blush pact includes light peach, peach and pink powders arranged in gradation. You can mix the colors, pick up all 3 with a single swipe for a gradient look, or apply them individually. The blush contains mica and sebum control powders to keep it smooth and long-lasting.

Here are all the swatches from the 4 products on my rather dark skin. Note that I also have a yellow undertone. The concealer is slightly yellower than the foundation, hence it suits my skin tone more:


After cleansing and toning my face, I started off with my favorite Air Cotton Makeup Base SPF30 PA++ (#01 Mint) from THE FACE SHOP. The mint color helped to cancel out my abundant blemishes and acne scars. I continued with the Studio De Teint Liquid Satin, using my fingers to melt it onto my skin. Below shows my face before and after application:

Despite being too bright for my complexion, the foundation managed to blend in quite easily so I didn’t look chalk white. It has a medium coverage and is remarkably lightweight. Those with oily skin will especially love it because it keeps skin matte all day. But if you have dry skin like me, remember to apply a moisturizer beforehand or it’ll accentuate your fine lines.

Next, I dabbed my dark circles and acne spots with the concealer, using the sponge blender at first. The blender provided an even application but the coverage wasn’t thick enough. In the end, I still had to use my fingers to dab in more concealer before blending it out with the blender. It worked well in blurring mild hyperpigmentation, but for dark circles I still prefer peripera’s Ink Corrector (#01 Dark Thief Peach).

After using a skinny eyeliner (Etude House’s Super Slim Proof Pencil Liner #02 Brown), I moved on with the Sfumato Dual Eyeshadow. The base color was almost invisible on my eyelids except for a subtle shimmer. Luckily, the point color succeeded in creating a natural gradation.

Finally, time for the blush! I used the angled contour brush from Stroke of Beauty to pick up all 3 shades at once, using the lightest shade right under my eyes. My oblong face provided plenty of space to show off all 3 shades. I moved the brush in a “tick” motion from the center of my eye towards the temple, forming a triangle that went wider and more pigmented towards the side. The blusher was amazingly easy to use. It looked natural even when I was heavy handed.

For a wintry touch, I rounded it up with too cool for school’s Glam Rock Hush Brown (#05 Blind) which is a reddish brown lipstick with a semi-matte finish.


I love the blusher the most, followed by the foundation, the concealer and then the eyeshadow. While the concealer and eyeshadow had an average performance, the blusher and foundation stood out with their unique selling points. All 4 products are very beginner-friendly, so I’d recommend them to those who’ve just started wearing makeup or prefer a barely-there look. Art lovers might be interested in getting them as well!