10 Beauty Resolutions to Make For 2019

“New year, new you” is what you’ll hear everyone saying over the next few weeks, or at least until the excitement of entering the New Year dies down. Everyone’s busy setting their New Year goals concerning health, career and beauty – have you gotten around to yours yet?

Following beauty resolutions can take a lot of commitment, even more so if you’re a newbie. It can be hard to follow through for even just the first month of 2019, let alone the entire year. So I put together a list of beauty resolutions that you can slowly introduce into your everyday routine and eventually turn into habits.

Grab a pen and paper (or your phone) and get ready to take some notes!

Really Get to Know Your Skin

How well do you know your skin – like really know it? If you have doubts, now is the perfect time to get some answers! Aside from your skin tone, you need to understand your skin type and undertone. Is your skin normal, dry, oily, acne-prone or sensitive? Are you warm, cool or neutral? Make it your mission this year to get to know your skin from the inside out – it’ll make it easier for you to choose the right beauty products.

If you need some tips in finding out your skin undertone, you can check out Chapter 8 of the Beauty Book.


Commit to a Skin Care Routine

Starting a skin care routine is easy – the tough part is staying consistent. If you’re a beginner or you’re not quite ready to commit to the lengthy 10-step Korean skin care routine, start with the basics. Downsize to a few essential steps like cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Once you get used to the routine, you can add more products.

It’s also helpful to branch out and experiment with different products to see which work best for your skin. Be careful when mixing products together as there are certain ingredients that don’t work well together. If you’re interested to know which products do pair well together, check out this post for the lowdown.

Introduce Your Skin to Liquid Exfoliants

Liquid exfoliants started showing up on everyone’s skin care shelves last year, and according to 100 Pinterest trends for 2019, it looks like they’re not going anywhere. Liquid exfoliants contain acids like AHAs, BHAs and PHAs that help with removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores, evening out your complexion and improving skin’s texture.

I remember hearing about these acids and the first words that popped into my head were burning sensation. After giving them a go, it’s safe to say that these products work like magic, especially for oily and congested skin. Introduce them to your skin this year and I promise you won’t regret it!

Don’t Sleep With Your Makeup On

If you don’t already have a habit of taking your makeup off every night, this resolution should be at the top of your list. Sleeping with makeup on is one of the worst mistakes you can make – consider it a crime among beauty enthusiasts! It only takes a minute to remove a day’s worth of makeup so do your skin a favor and don’t go to bed with your makeup on.

Start incorporating a double cleanse into your routine and opt for an oil cleanser. It gently and thoroughly removes makeup without tugging on your skin or stripping it of its natural oils.

Make Sunscreen an Essential Part of Your Life

Do you apply sunscreen every day? If your answer is no, you’re leaving your skin vulnerable to premature wrinkling, hyperpigmentation, sagging and an uneven complexion. Even on a gloomy day, you should never skip on sunscreen – the sun may be hiding behind those clouds but its UV rays can still find ways to damage your skin. Applying sunscreen is a foolproof way to save your future skin, not only from aging but also from skin cancer.

Pay Some Attention to Your Body

The skin on your body is as important as the skin on your face, so pay more attention to it this year! Think body oils, konjac sponges and hydrating body washes. The trick to keeping skin moisturized all day is to apply body lotion within five minutes of getting out of the shower; it’s the prime time for skin to absorb creams while it’s still damp. For extra hydration, try slathering on some body oil before you hop into the shower.

Stop Hoarding Makeup

Do you get lured into buying something because it was on sale or were you instantly attracted to its packaging? If that happens a lot, then you probably have a drawer full of impulse purchases, right?

Instead of owning an excessive amount of makeup and products that you probably haven’t used over the last two seasons, purchase items that you need and know that you’ll use in the coming months. Keep in mind that makeup doesn’t last forever; for instance, mascaras should be tossed out every six months. Take note of the expiration symbol on your product and toss it once it expires; using it beyond its lifespan can transfer bacteria to your face, leading to breakouts!

It’ll be easier to keep it minimal once you’ve narrowed and perfected your everyday makeup routine.

Go For Bolder Lipsticks

2018 was all about sheer and natural lip tints but bold lips are making a comeback in 2019 – bold red lips to be exact. If you’re trying to take more risks this year, start building your lipstick collection around shades of red. They’re perfect for adding a bold pop of color. You can even go for deep plum or magenta shades for a more intense and fierce look.

Indulge in Some “Me Time” Every Once in A While

When it comes to health and wellness, self-care should always come first. Whether it’s every week or every month, make the time to unwind with some “me time.” Slowing down is important and needed to stay healthy, both mentally and physically. To make your “me time” a little more enjoyable, create a relaxing environment around you; light up some candles or get a diffuser, put on a face mask and grab a face roller to treat yourself to a mini at-home massage.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is about more than just keeping bacteria at bay; it’s also about prolonging its shelf life. Makeup brushes may not expire as fast as mascaras do, but if you don’t take proper care of them, you’ll be saying goodbye to them sooner than you think!

Dirty brushes can also cause breakouts and clog pores, so cleaning them at least once a week is a must. You can wash them with shampoo or liquid soap, or use a cleanser made just for brushes.

Get More Beauty Sleep

The last resolution to add to your list is to get enough beauty sleep. Our skin, as well as our body, goes into repair mode overnight so getting enough shut-eye prevents you from waking up with tired or lackluster skin, not to mention huge eye bags. Consider adding a sleeping mask to your night-time routine so you can wake up to even better, more radiant and glowing skin. You can also add lip sleeping masks for softer lips!

What beauty resolutions are you following this year? Share them with us below!

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