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A lot of effort goes into dolling up and looking cute towards the end of the year, but as soon as morning hits, it’s a whole different situation. The transition from 2018 to 2019 comes with many parties, gatherings and sleepless nights, which is why we end up feeling and looking a bit rough. I decided to tackle a full coverage wake up look this January, because who wouldn’t want a fresh and gleaming look for those post-party mornings?

For the essence of the look, I used moonshot ‘s Honey Coverlet range, which is a collaborative line inspired by South Korean actress Yoo In-na. The key to this limited edition collection is achieving a versatile, natural and flawless makeup finish, just like the actress herself.

All the products come in exquisite sand-beige packaging that has a velvety finish to emulate the texture and look of skin. The moonshot logo is also featured in a tonal embossing, which is contrasted with white handwriting-like lettering and botanical motif artwork in a pine green color scheme.

Left : Honey Coverlet Face Perfection Serum Foundation in #202 Beige. Right:Moisturized face.

To start, I used a beauty sponge to dab the Honey Coverlet Face Perfection Serum Foundation in #202 Beige evenly across my fully prepped face. With serum foundation, it’s easy to end up looking cakey, which is why I usually stick with cushion compacts for better control. Although I needed almost 3 layers of the Face Perfection Serum Foundation to get full coverage on blemishes and hyperpigmentation, overall, it has a fairly natural finish that isn’t too matte or dewy.

Eye shadows should be subtle but illuminating. The Honey Coverlet Eyeshadow Palette comes with 10 versatile and buttery soft shades in matte and pearl finishes.  I started with Warm Cashmere as the base layer, as it’s one of the lighter matte shades in the palette ideal for layering. On top of that, I applied one coat of Cinnamon Milk Tea – mainly for its close proximity to my natural skin color – to create color dimension, and followed with Antique Rug just below my creases for added gradient.

To create more definition to my lash line and the corners of my eyes, I used Rustic Chair for a subtle smoky gradient, which I then blended with Cinnamon Milk Tea using an eye shadow stamp brush. I finished with Sweet Candle as highlights at the center of my eyelids.

1. Base layer – Warm Cashmere // 2. Second base layer – Cinnamon Milk Tea // 3. Main Color – Antique Rug // 4. Lash line and corners – Rustic Chair// 5. Highlights – Sweet Candle

The key to this look is to look natural but not boring, so I opted for MACQUEEN’s Waterproof Pen Eyeliner in black instead of brown to add emphasis to the eyes. I completed the look with a volumizing Pony Blossom Mascara from MEMEBOX for a bold, eye-opening finish.  Both were pretty easy to apply, especially the eyeliner which was easy to use even with my shaky hand.

Also, I applied the Etude House My Brows Gel Tint in #3 Gray Brown the night before. It’s easier to peel the tint off if you keep it on overnight; this gives the tint enough time to set and fully dry. The color will look more natural after a gentle wash.

I often carry more than one lipstick in my bag – sometimes it’s just too hard to pick between the bold and the neutrals! Especially with the Honey Coverlet Stick Extreme lipstick, since all the colors are right to my taste. Like its packaging, the lipstick itself is velvety soft with a mousse-like texture (thanks to murumuru seed and shea butter). I tried the #902 Petal Petal and #907 Deep Talk, both of which are gorgeous shades but simply not quite right on their own to finish this makeup look. That’s why I ended up using #902 as the main lip color and #907 for the inner lip, and then lightly blended them together.


Left : #902 Petal Petal.  Right:#907 Deep Talk.

The Verdict

Moonshot is a makeup brand under YG Entertainment, a Korean label that manages popular talents like GD, BLACKPINK and CL. Most of the products from the collection aim to deliver a long-wearing and flawless finish. I really like the aesthetic and colors of this collection, which suit the feel I’m aiming to achieve with this makeup look.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the look! It’s pretty much what I had anticipated, and most importantly, it does make me look refreshed and awake. My advice for anyone trying out this look is to utilize the shades on the palette that complement your own skin tone, along with eyeliner and brow tints in the color closest to your natural hair color.


P.S. Although it’s hard to go wrong with the colors in the shadow palette, there’s actually a recommended method at the back of its box for a failsafe look, just in case!

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