What Your Zodiac Says About Your New Year Beauty Routine (Part One)

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Happy New Year! While you’re writing your list of New Year resolutions, you may be pondering what targets to set besides general health, career progression and romantic prospects. Has 2018 been a beauty-conscious year for you? If not, what could you be doing differently to make yourself feel more confident and radiant?

 For beauty horoscopes, looking into your sun sign will not suffice. Your sun sign reveals a lot about your personality and behavior but if you’re looking at appearance, try reading more into your rising sign! Your rising sign governs the outer ego and appearance, and how other people perceive you. You can find out your rising sign by creating a free natal chart; the only additional info you need to know is your birth time.


Capricorn: “Regular self care”

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign fueled by success and achievements, which classifies those born under it as industrious, self-motivated and resourceful. But one thing Capricorns should improve on this year is their approach to skin care. Abiding by an ethos of “work hard, play hard,” Capricorns can be found in mainly two places: their workplace and any form of social gathering.

Due to their overwhelming lifestyle, Capricorns rarely have time for a proper skin care routine. For the New Year, it’s important to make time to loosen up, and regular self-care is essential for a zodiac sign like Capricorn that’s prone to stress. Aim for a simple routine which includes cleansing, exfoliating and applying toner at day and night, and then slowly incorporate face oils and sheet masks into evening routines.


Aquarius: “Be creative!”

Quick to adapt to trends and make things their own, Aquarius is the innovative air sign of the zodiacs, often springing up with new interpretations of current fads and major trends. From experimenting with eye shadow art and mixing their own shade of lipstick to DIY-ing their own ingredients for a pampering face mask, Aquarius will find joy in experimenting and discovering fantastic beauty tips to share with the world.

The tip is to be creative but not erratic. Going crazy on skin care mixing may lead to breakouts and rashes so check out ingredients that don’t mix well together here. Makeup-wise, start with a designated color scheme to play around with so you express yourself and be creative without the risk of looking like a clown.


Pisces: “Stick to a routine”

Pisces are experimental by nature (mainly due to their creative tendencies) but not always influenced by new trends and fads. Well done for remembering to cleanse and put moisturizer on over the past year, but Pisces will need to step up their skin care routine a bit more in 2019.

Whether it’s raining, cloudy or sunny outside, sun protection is a must. Pisces have the tendency to neglect SPF in their routines, and this must be corrected! UV rays are damaging to skin and it’s one of the leading factors for premature ageing. Start incorporating sunscreen as part of your skin care regimen, and on top of that, use base makeup with SPF for double protection.


Aries: “Stay calm and cool”

Aries’ proneness to rashes and stress has something to do with their fiery nature, which is the reason they tend to wear minimal makeup. Otherwise, good coverage makeup will resemble a near skin-tone palette.

In the New Year, Aries should target the main problems with their skin, and it’s best to go with natural and mild products at the initial stages of trial and error. These active rams are prone to irregular sleeping hours and are often guilty of bad sleeping posture, so improvements on their sleeping habits are also recommended. Try sleeping on your back as opposed to the side or front to prevent tugging on certain areas of skin, as well as keeping your body relaxed.


Taurus: “In with the hacks”

Comfortable with their usual habits and orderly regimen, Taurus have already established a streamlined routine over the past year. With 2018 being the year for stepping out of comfort zones, 2019 will encourage these bulls to incorporate beauty-life hacks to spice up their regimens!

Try quick and effective facial massages; massaging the face for a mere few minutes every day helps to improve blood circulation. Or apply eye-cream in the morning instead of at night to effectively de-puff freshly woken up eye areas.


Gemini: “A multi-tasking perfect match”

Never boring, but covetous and trend-conscious, Gemini’s dressing table is pretty congested with all the impulsive purchases made after reading short-lived raves on each and every of beauty trend. 2019 marks the year for Geminis to cut down on their collections, starting with giving away or disposing of unused, expired or excessive products from their drawers and tabletops.

Of course, there is an undying urge to shop every so often. Introduce a multi-tasker to your collection instead, like an eyeliner that can also be used for eyebrows, or a tint made for eyes, cheeks and lips in one.


To be continued in Part two.

Hope you enjoyed part one! Stay tuned for the second part.

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